Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pulling is the pits!

When I find an amazing product, I just have to share!!  Especially a pet product.

On Tuesday nights (for 6 weeks) Mike and I take Sophie and Bella to a local Dog Obedience trainer (it is our goal that one day they can be therapy dogs).  Eileen our trainer (who is awesome by the way, and if you live local and are looking for dog training, you can find her info HERE) strongly recommends the Gentle Leader Head Collar.  

I have to admit I have seen these in the pet stores before and thought that they looked "mean".  She sells them at class, so she suggested we try one on Bella and Sophie the first night.   

OK...THESE THINGS WORK!!!  Once Sophie and Bella got used to having it around their snout, they did NOT PULL AT ALL!!  

I had the ultimate test this week, when I took them both, by MYSELF on a walk through the neighborhood (we even encountered people and dogs and they stayed by my side).  

I have talked about the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness before (after a face plant in the front yard, while trying to walk Sophie 80 pounds and Bella 60 pounds, who both like to PULL), you can read about it HERE.   But I would have to say hands down, that this head collar works so much better for pulling pups.

And since my camera is still at the Canon Factory Warehouse getting cleaned, I don't have a photo of Soph or Bella sporting their Gentle Leaders.  But I did find this cute pittie on Google Images demonstrating how it is to be worn.

It is so nice to be able to walk both dogs at the same time, and they stay right next to me.  I almost feel like the Dog Whisperer!!

Happy Dog Walking!
Enjoy Today!

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