Monday, March 31, 2014

weekly phone dump - march {week five}

From left to right:
1.  I was cleaning and organizing in the kitchen on Monday, and found my Bamboo Tablet pen that has been lost FOREVER!!  I am not sure how it ended up with the pens in the junk drawer, but I was really happy to have found it!!
2.  While cleaning and organizing (see #1) I also found a gift card inside a box of something my mom gave me for Christmas.  YUP, the item was sitting on top of my fridge since Christmas (don't judge), and I decided to finally put it away.  Of course, I went shopping and took a picture for my mom to show her what she got me (for Christmas, in March!), LOL!!  We had a good laugh over it!
3.  I bought a couple of tennis balls for the dogs, since they love to play catch.  We usually only use the KONG balls, but I thought it would be fun to try these again.  Soph popped it in about an hour.  I guess we will stick to the KONG ones!
4.  I was sitting outside talking on the phone and had the dogs outside with me.  Soph sat right next to me, so of course I had to put the person on hold and snap a picture of this smiling cuteness!!
5.  Mike put up a fence to keep the dogs off the grass in the back yard, while it is growing.  Guess who found a way in?!
6.  We had to return something at IKEA on Saturday, and decided to have lunch there.  We also ended up spending $200 - What?!
7.  Have you heard of oil pulling?  A few of the girls from work are doing it, so I had to jump on the band wagon too.  
8.  Our usual bark park fun on Sunday.
9.  Our usual POST bark park nap.  Dewey decided to join in on the nap too!!  Luckily I had the love seat all to MYSELF!! 

Enjoy Today!