Sunday, April 17, 2016

I am still here...and an update on Josh

Hi all, I have been the worst blogger ever!!  
I have not given up on this old blog, I guess I have just been a little preoccupied with life at the moment.  

I thought I would update you on Josh's Cancer treatment 
(that is THANKFULLY coming to an end!!).  

Here is Josh's last email update (4/7/16):
I went into my oncologist's office today expecting to be admitted to the hospital for my next chemo. Unfortunately, my lab work came back and my cell counts were too low to start chemo today. We did have some good news from my MRI though (I had this test about 2 weeks ago). There is no sign of cancer growing back at this time. They did notice a little bit of fluid where the cancer was, but this is due to the surgery, as well as the previous radiation treatment. It should be gone in a few months. I will be going in to Ironwood tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday to get shots to boost my white blood cells. I will be going back for my next appointment next Thursday, and I should be going in to the hospital after that. Only 2 more in-hospital chemo's left!

The past month has been a pretty nice break from chemo (although I am anxious to just finish). The break is due to the new chemo I started 2 months ago. It has a delayed cell death, so it requires a 1 month break in between chemo's. 

*ETA-Josh is actually in the hospital right now getting his last 
of 3 chemo treatments, so after this treatment, 
he only has more left!!
(one in the hospital and one in the doctors office)   

Mike and I are heading to AZ at the beginning of May to celebrate 
him being DONE!  I cannot wait to see the kids!!!

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I have so much that I want to blog about, so I am hoping that 
I can get my act together and start blogging again on a regular basis 
(because, I really do miss it!!), so don't give up on me yet :)  

I am almost done reading  THIS book (recommended by Ashley), and it resonated so much with me!!  I realized that we all need to cultivate creativity! 
I highly recommend it!!  
I think THIS one, is going to be my next read.

as always...
Enjoy Today!