Monday, July 21, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump {july 2014 week 3}

From left to right:
1.  There is still a lot of doggie paddling going on around here, that is why the blog posts have been sparse (sorry!!).  But on a side note...I have some new ideas for my blog that I hope to implement in the next few weeks.
2.  I am LOVING  Beyond Diet!!  I whipped up one of the recipes from the website, Latin Stir Fry,  for dinner one night this week~so yummy!
3.  I go through breakfast phases, right now I am on a protein shake breakfast kick.  I use 1 scoop of BioTrust Protein Powder (Vanilla), half of a frozen banana, half a cup of coconut milk, a quarter cup of water, and 5 ice cubes. It tastes so good, it is hard to believe it is good for you.
4.  Mike bought me a new water cup, since my old SB's one broke.  I love the stainless steal version, it keeps my water cold for hours!!
5.  Just some more of my food.  2 egg omelet with salsa and sweet potato hash (can you tell I like to eat?).
6.  I discovered a new doggie camera app called barkcam.  This one has sounds that make you dog look at you and then it snaps their photo.  I tried it out with Bella.
7.  And Sophie (see #6).  So far I think it will be a great asset to all my other camera apps!
8.  I love when my menu is made for the week and my grocery shopping is done and put away.  Not one of my favorite jobs!
9.  OK, I am a kitchen gadget junkie!!  Have you heard of Veggetti??  I bought one on Friday (specifically for this recipe pictured), and let me tell you...It is AMAZING!!  I whipped up at batch of zucchini noodles for my meatballs and sauce.  So GOOD!!  (*I found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a $5 off coupon, only cost me $10 bucks).

Enjoy Today!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump ~ July week {two}

From left to right:
1.  I bought an onion chopper (it is not only for onions) last week. I LOVE it!!  THIS is a similar one.
2.  I started working out with the Beyond Diet Edge Program.  You use an exercise ball, and just let me say...IT IS HARD!!  I didn't realize how out of shape I am!!
3.  Just Soph swimming with Mike.  This is our nightly routine.
4.  Cereal is not on my Beyond Diet program, but I have found this yummy replacement:  Quinoa, with coconut milk, walnuts and berries.  REALLY YUMMY and I can pronounce everything on the ingredient list.
5.  Sophie and Bella are really loving to swim!  On Thursday when I came home for lunch, I let the pups out (like I normally do), and was wondering why they were not wanting to come back in?  Soph was exiting the pool and Bella was just getting in.  Silly dogs!!
6.  Mike and I went to Pita Jungle for lunch on Saturday.  We usually dine outside on the patio, but since it has been so hot, we decided to dine inside.  I never noticed the bicycles on the ceiling before. Very COOL!
7.  This was my lunch (see #6), it was so big, I actually had it for dinner that night too -- YUMMY!
8.  We took the dogs to the bark park on Sunday, we have not been in a while.  They had a lot of fun seeing their furry friends.
9.  Mike took Bella to get her rabies shot on Sunday.  They love her (and Soph too, of course) at the vets office, how could you not? She is such a cutie!!

Enjoy Today!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Life {November 17-30}

Hi all, 
I did manage to get one more of my PL pages done 
over the holiday weekend.  

Here is the second part of November (which was pretty busy for us)
It was the time right around Josh & Jess' wedding.  
I  will probably have a few pages 
to document that big day (hopefully next week).

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Left Page
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Right page

Enjoy Today!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump - june week {four}

Last week was a big fat FAIL for blogging!!  I am hoping to fix that, but I am not gonna schedule is just not cooperating.

From left to right:
1.  It has been hot, hot HOT around here!!  But luckily it is a dry heat, LOL!
2.  Mike and I ate at Kneaders for lunch, since this was our second time going there, it is now one of our regular spots.
3.  I am keeping up with my challenge of walking AT LEAST three times per week~the heat does not make it easy.
4.  This is still going on every night, since the sidewalks are too hot to walk on for puppy paws (and going for a walk at 9pm is just too late for us early to bed people), LOL!
5.  I starting my 3rd week of Beyond Diet.  I am LOVING it!  I hope to do a review this week.  And besides all the clean eating, I am down almost 5 pounds and back at my WW goal weight.  I am hoping to drop 5 more just for fun!
6.  On the Beyond Diet lifestyle, you get a cheat day.  I chose Saturday to be my cheat day, and one of these babies was on my list!!
7.  Just silly Soph.
8.  I attempted making coconut milk (did you know that the store brands have all kinds of weird things in them?).  I thought it would be a difficult process...NOPE!  SO EASY.  Go HERE to learn how.
9.  I am loving strawberries at the moment.  So DELISH!

Enjoy Today!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project Life {November 2013 Happenings}

Some weeks I feel like I just cannot get it together (too many things to do)!!  
I am having one of those weeks...blah!!

Luckily I was able to finish the journaling on my PL pages tonight, so my Wednesday post was not too late.

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Here's hoping your week is much more productive than mine!
Enjoy Today!

Monday, June 23, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump - june {week 3}

From left to right:
1.  These pups LOVE to swim...this is what happens after the swimming, NAPS.
2.  I jumped on the Beyond Diet bandwagon (have you seen the advertisement on Facebook?), I have sort-of been doing the program last week, while I was learning more about it (and lost 2.2 lbs).  I officially started on Sunday and let me just say (I am not hungry, at all!!). It is definitely hard for me to wrap my head around eating this way, I will keep you posted.
3.  It has been so hot around here.  Mike and I went to Sweet Tomatoes again this week for our Saturday lunch date (cold crunch salads, YUM!).
4.  We bought the pups some new pool toys. I think Bella will be jumping in soon, to retrieve her toy.
5.  Just some Saturday swimming.
6.  Day one of my Beyond Diet:  Breakfast was 2 eggs with 1 cup spinach and a sliced tomato.  I had to force myself to eat my snack, because I was not hungry.
7.  I was successful with my walking last week~woot!!  Here is to another week of success.  Don't be scared with the no makeup photo.
8.  I went to get my tootsies done on Sunday afternoon.  So glad they are presentable again, with sandal season and all.
9.  The pups towels.  Boy, our pool is surely getting used this year.

Enjoy Today!

Friday, June 20, 2014

lots of doggie paddling...

First off, I want apologize for the lack of regular posting around here!!  I know how disappointing it is when you expect a new post and there hasn't been one since Monday!!  I am trying to re-evaluate my schedule with 
work, exercise and play.  

This is what has been going on around here most nights after work:

Mike and I have been spending a lot of extra time in the pool, since Sophie and Bella like swimming so much.  

I am hoping to be back to regular scheduled posts next week!!  Have an AWESOME weekend, friends!!

Enjoy Today!!!