Monday, October 27, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump - october week {three}

from left to right:
1.  Crazy pups sleeping together on the sofa.
2.  This is my packing face.  I am not a fan of packing!!
3.  Soph likes to sleep on all the pillows.  She is such a princess!
4.  Bella exhausted from all the packing (notice her ball is nearby, she doesn't like it out of her sight).
5.  This is my view at the moment.
6.  Bella graduated from her puppy class on Saturday.  She did so great!  I am a proud pet mama!!
7.  I had lunch with Ashley on Saturday (before we tackled the garage), this was my fortune.
8.  Since Mike has been out of town, and he usually puts gas in my car and washes it, I decided to take it through the car wash.
9.  Just some yummy strawberries.

Enjoy Today!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Five words I never (ever) thought would come out of my mouth...

"I'm moving to North Dakota"

Yes, it's true. A few months ago, Mike was throwing around the idea of working in the oil industry, since he was not happy in his current job.  I gave that idea a big FAT NO!!  But, after really thinking about the opportunity (and a fresh start), and knowing that I could visit my kiddos in AZ, the idea seem a little "OK." 

Mike was offered a job and drove up to ND.  He has been working up there for about a month and a half.  I have been here in AZ with the pups.  Thankfully we were FINALLY able to secure a place to live (that is another crazy story).  

Have you heard of BSL??
Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a law that bans OR restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs (usually pit bulls).

Well in AZ, there are very few BSL bans (only Sho Low), but being the responsible pit bull owner, I did some research on North Dakota, only to be disappointed to see that most of the cities in ND ban pit bulls.  So, that put a little crimp in our house hunt.  I then learned that if your dog is registered as a service dog, you cannot be discriminated against because of their size or breed.  Luckily we were able to do that with Sophie and Bella, and Mike found a townhouse that was OK with our dogs (and 2 cats - we are a renters nightmare, LOL!!), and luckily the townhouse is located right outside the city limits of Williston (so there are no BSL bans in that part of city). 

Mike and I pride ourselves as responsible pet owners, and want to follow the rules. Mike has been in contact with the police station and as long as we carry Sophie and Bella's Service Dog Certificate, we can bring them anywhere other dogs are allowed.  Let me say, this has been very disheartening, to think that the entire state does not like pit bulls, but I have found that there are lots of pit bull owners in ND.  I hope that my 2 dogs can change peoples minds about the misconception of pit bulls.  They really get such a bad rap!!

So, after housing was secured, I told my manager that I would be moving and giving in my notice.  (I was planning on working part time after I moved to ND once I was settled in, because I would most likely be bored at home all day long).  Well, what happened next REALLY surprised me....I was asked if I would like to stay with the company and work remotely from home in ND, um...YES,  please.  I am super excited that I don't have to learn a new job, and can change my wardrobe from business casual to yoga pants (can I get a woot woot!).

So with everything falling into place, Mike ordered some u-haul storage pods, that will be dropped off on November 1.  He also hired some guys to load them up for me.  But that means I have until 10/31/14 to get this entire house packed (what?!). 

We are going to lease out our house in AZ, so if you know anyone in the Ahwatukee area that is looking for a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath house with a pool, let me know!!  We are also going from 2200 square feet to 1,000 square feet of living space.  So throw into the packing craziness, I am doing some downsizing.  I am excited to get rid of stuff and hopefully live more simply!!

Here are some things I found interesting about my new city of Williston:
 1.  Businesses cannot find enough people to work, Walmart starts people off at $17 per hour.

2. The population of Williston is 21,000 (compared to Phoenix's 4.3 million).
3.  Williston is the sixth largest city in ND.

4.  Mike tells me there is a Walmart, JCPenney and Albertson's (this will be interesting!! It is a good thing I am an expert at online shopping!!).  Oh yeah, Target and Starbucks are 2 hours away (what?)

5.  The temperature varies from -0 to 85 degrees 
(Me and the pups are going to need to buy the hoodie-footie!!).

So, the blog may be a little quite for the next few weeks, but I am planning on being more consistent with my posts once I am moved and settled in!  I want to get back to my Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts.

I am excited to learn about a new area, and will be taking lots of pictures to keep my family, friends & blog readers updated.  

Enjoy Today!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump ~ october {week two}

From left to right:
1.  I have been eating a clean diet for a few months and feel great, however, I HAD to get some Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate!!  It is my cheat item!!
2.  Bella is loving the cooler temps, so she can look out the window and bark at the neighbors dogs.
3.  Hello Saturday morning!!
4.  I am in desperate need of a pedicure!!  I took the polish off my toes (I hate wearing flip flops when my toes are naked), so I am sporting the Converse.
5.  Just Sophie (and her ball) chilling with me on the couch.
6.  Mike and I registered the dogs as service animals.  More on that in the next week or so.
7.  Bella was due for some shots, I took her on Sunday.  She was pretty sleepy most of the afternoon (I didn't mind at all!!).
8.  I bought some honey crisp apples this week.  These babies are gigantic!!  And so YUMMY!!

Enjoy Today!

Monday, October 6, 2014

iphone photo dump ~ october week {one}

From left to right:
1.  I am not really a hot tea drinker, but I really enjoying iced tea.  One of my new favorites is Tazo Bramblewine.
2.  Just a selfie while waiting at the stoplight on my way to work.
3.  Now that fall is here (hello October), I am back to drinking coffee...Oh how I have missed you!!
4.  Sophie and her new ball (of course Bella got one too, but they always seem to want the one the other one has...just like kids!!).
5.  Friday night was zoodle (topped with ground turkey and organic spaghetti sauce) night = YUM!!
6.  Bella is half way through her puppy class, she is doing so well (she is surprising me).  She likes to ride in the front seat.
7.  Saturday was busy with puppy school, some shopping at Old Navy, errands and grocery shopping.  Chocolate cherry protein shake for yummy!!
8.  On Sunday, I was finally able to do some random things that have been on my to-do list.  The chewed up doggie toy was packaged up to be returned to Goughnuts for a new one.
9.  Sophie is finished with her antibiotic, and Bella goes to the vet next week to see if her Valley Fever is gone.  I am hoping I don't have to do doggie meds for a while (although the pill pockets work like a charm!!).

Enjoy Today!