Friday, March 21, 2014

{one project at at time} I am getting started!!

Happy Friday!!
I have been a bad blogger this week!!!  To many things crammed into my week.  

I am reading a book, that I will post about next week, that has me on an organizing kick!!  It really doesn't take much to get me on a kick like that, cause I LOVE to organize !!  

Our house has been under construction for months!!  I think that may be the big reason that I need some order in my life!!  We are almost done with the big stuff (*HOORAY*), so I am getting the itch to get organized.  Let me just say, replacing flooring is a LOT of work!!  But it is SO worth it!!  (You can see part of our stained concrete floor in the background-and I promise to do a house tour soon!!)

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly post, for a little while, on some of the tasks I am tackling to organize and simplify my life (since it is spring cleaning time).  It is amazing how one organized space can make me feel so much better!!

I have today off, so I am getting started!! 

Happy Organizing!!
Enjoy Today!