Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a mustache party...

 **April 22,2013 - Links have been updated!!  ENJOY**
Warning: Picture overload for today's post.
Last Sunday we finally celebrated Mike's birthday (it was 2/11), our family is WAY too busy these days!  I am happy we all had a Sunday available to party it up!!  I decided on a mustache theme, since I have been seeing lots of stache items on Pinterest. I also wanted to find some games for us to play, and I was happily surprised to find some online.

First we started with lunch, which consisted of pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and iced tea (some of Mike's fav's).

mbday lunchRS

Then we played a couple of games...
First up, was pin the mustache on Burt Reynolds.  You can get the download HERE.  I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was excited to participate (we are a pretty competitive bunch).  

mbday games 2 RS - Copy mbday games mike2RS - Copy mbday games ashley 2RS - Copy  
We had to trace the mustaches and remove them because some people were  "feelers".
mbday games nate 2RS
  mbday games jessRS mbday games josh 4RS mbday games josh3RS mbday games gretchen2RS - Copy
Josh ended up being the winner!!
mbday games joshRS - Copy

Next we moved on to Name that Stache, download the cropped stache photos HERE/Full photo HERE/Cards HERE/Answers HERE.  Enjoy!!

mbday games RS mbday games 3RS - Copy
Nate won this one!
mbday games nate 4RS mbday pieRS
Then we had some Birthday pie (since Mike is a "pie guy" recipe HERE, and yes I bought a pre-made graham cracker crust~don't judge!!!), and then opened presents.
*and if you notice I have no curtains hanging up in my family room, it is because Mike is using them as a prop for his current series at church. I get them back next week, LOL!!

mbday presentsRS  
Some ammo from Josh so they can go target shooting~silly boys!! mbday presents2RS

Of course I set up a picture station for us to model our "staches"  and I had to laugh at some of the outtakes!!  Mustaches printouts HERE (I just taped them to skewers).

mbday sign RS

We started off with a normal pose.
mbday mustache group RS
Then we thought we could use the mustaches for eyebrows (apparently Jess and I didn't get the memo).

mbday mustache group1RS
Then we said lets put the mustaches all on Mike, since it is his birthday (Ashley and Nate didn't get the memo).

mbday mustache group3RS
Ashley still didn't get it!!

mbday mustache group5RS
mbday mustache group4RS
 And when you do some sort of belly dance from a seated position, you know I am going to blog it!!
mbday nateRS 

 It was funny stuff!! mbday nate2RS

Pin It

Good times!!
Enjoy Today!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

make a wish...

Hi all,
Today is going to be a quickie!!  Here is a birthday card I whipped up for someone from my old office, who is celebrating his birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday SCOTT!!!  One of the things I miss about my old office is our "office family" birthday parties!!  Those were some good times!!!

Enjoy Today!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekly iPhone dump...

Happy Sunday Friends!!
Here is my week in iPhone pic's...

weekly photo dump wk 3 RS
From left to right:
1.  My favorite products to get my head of hair into shape every day.
2.  Ashley and I found these while grocery shopping a few weeks ago~super yummy~good portion size~3 WW+ points (my favorite flavor so far is cheddar).
3. Planning my hubby's birthday party~mustache theme~fun!! Check the blog later this week for the all the deets and pic's of the stache party!!
4.  I mentioned last week, I am back on the WW wagon!!  Getting back on track with my tracking!!
5.  A little snack from McDonald's (4 WW points+).  Yes I love food can't you tell, LOL!! refer to number 4 *wink*
6.  Saturday date with Mike at the usual place.
7.  My sunglasses broke last week, Ashley helped me pick out these~I sported this style back in the 80's!!  I think they scream Ferris Bueller!!!
8.  Kodi sporting a new bandana.  
(Edit:  I wanted to add to my last 'Kodi picture' post, about his eye (but forgot to add it).  When Josh found him 2 years ago as a puppy, one of his eyes was really cloudy, we took him to the vet, and found out he had Valley Fever. We do not know how long he had it for, but it had unfortunately gotten into his eye.  They told us that he probably could not see (only shadows) in that eye, and would eventually be completely blind in that eye as time went on.  He does have some clouding in his other eye; but has been taking and anti fungal for a year to fight off the valley fever (he will be tested in another month to see if it is completely out of his system~he is on round 2 of meds).  We hope that he will keep his vision (which we are not sure how good it is), in his left eye.  His ears are extra sensitive though, because he can be outside with the door closed and hear someone open the fridge, LOL!!!). 
9.  This is waiting on the counter defrosting a bit, as I type up my post, I am going to turn it into YONANAS  for Mike and I!

Enjoy Today!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

my work companion...

Happy Friday!!
It has been a busy week and I am SO ready for the weekend!!  Lots of planning for Mike's "belated" Birthday Party!!  

In the meantime, I thought I would post a picture of this crazy pup!!  One of the other perks of working from home~my office companion & lunch partner *wink*
kodi pose rs

Have a Fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

friend banner....

Happy Thursday!!
How is your week going?  I cannot believe it is already Thursday!!  It is amazing how fast the week goes by when Monday is a holiday!! LOL!!

I was inspired (and pretty much cased) THIS card by Kristina.  I really LOVE all the banner cards and scrapbook pages I am finding Pinterest. Here is my version made with some retired SU! Designer paper and some PTI stamps. 

friend banner

And here is a little trick to make your banners (which I also found on Pinterest, original link HERE)!! 

friend banner punch trick

 Enjoy Today!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

coffee birthday...

Happy Tuesday!!
Just popping in quick today!!  This weekend was CRAZY!!  We were supposed to celebrate my hubby's birthday, which was actually February 11th, but new computer installation at the office occupied most of my weekend (why can't things ever go smoothly with that kind of stuff???).  Luckily the last (I hope the last anyway) minor glitch was fixed this morning at 7 am (nothing like going down to the wire, LOL!)..

Here is the card I made for him, since he is definitely a coffee snob!!  I postponed his party to this coming weekend, and I have some fun ideas up my sleeve!!  Will post more about that later!!

warm happiness birthday

Enjoy Today!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump...

Happy Sunday!!
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!  

weekly photo dump wk 2 RS

from Left to Right:
1.  I LOVE working from home!!  However, Dewey things he can sit right in front of my computer all day long~crazy kitty!!!
2.  My little chocolate indulgence~YUM!!  Love the message too!!!
3.  Finally picked up some contacts!!  
4.  Crazy Pete has the life!!
5.  ARGH!!  that is all I have to say about that!!
6.  Treated myself to a Jamba Juice while I was out running work errands.
7.  I am officially back on the WW wagon!!!
8.  I bought THIS today!!  A machine that makes something like soft serve ice cream made only with fruit~SERIOUSLY??  Can it be true???  YES!!  and ZERO WW points!!!  I am still experimenting~my bananas were not frozen for 24 hours like it says in the instructions, but I was anxious to give it a try~still yummy even with not fully frozen nanas!!! (make sure to use a 20% off coupon!!)
9.  My Sunday nap on the love seat with Kodi who as usual was taking up the majority of space!!!

Enjoy Today!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

passing along a great magazine deal...

Happy Friday!!
I am hoping to have a few minutes to stamp today!!

But in the mean time...
A few other things I like LOVE are great deals and magazines!!  
I just scored Rachel Ray's magazine subscription for $8 for the entire year!!  
I LOVE her magazine!!  Thought I would pass it on to my blog friends...

here are the details:  
Mamapedia is offering a great deal today – a year-long subscription to Rachel Ray for only $8!  
You can’t beat less than $1 an issue. It is full of great and easy recipes, shopping tips and more. LOVE IT.  

  •  Includes 10 issues 
  • Magazine will be mailed to the address provided at checkout on Mamasource 
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  • Offer valid February 16-21, 2012 only 
  • Address changes may be submitted to Mamasource by Midnight, February 22, no further changes may be made after that.

Click HERE  if you want to get it too!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bring on the love...

Hi all!!
I hope you had a Happy {heart} day!!  Mike and I took Kodi for a walk after work then we had grilled cheese and soup for dinner~pretty romantic, huh??  I have to say that it was totally fine with me!!  Comfort food, dinner & TV with my hubby and my yoga pants = pure bliss.  I love THIS show!!  Have you seen it??

I have one more Valentine/Love post for you, even though Valentines Day was yesterday (I am typing this post up on Tuesday night, so does that count???).  Here is the card I made for my hubby for heart day. 
valentine love makes the world go round 2
During the holiday's I signed up for Ali Edwards stamp of the month, so I could get her December Daily stamp at a discount.  Here is the set I received in the mail for January.  I think it will be a nice addition to my Project Life (if I ever take it out of the box, LOL!!) journaling cards.  Luckily I document for the previous year and not week by week (I would never keep up that way, LOL!!).

Enjoy today!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

easy gift card holder...

Happy Monday!!
I had time to get a little crafty this weekend *woot*
I always try to do a little something for the peeps on the Hospitality Team at my church, and with Valentine's day coming up, I whipped up these cute little gift card holders. 

I purchased some gift cards at Orange Leaf (because not everyone drinks coffee~gasp!!!) & Starbucks.  I pulled out some of my retired SU! paper (this series goes way back!!), and my nestability circle/scallop dies and these came together pretty fast!!

valentine gift card holder 2
valentine gift card holder 1

Here are the directions:
1.  Cut a piece of patterned paper 8 x 4 inches (score at 4 inches; fold).  
2.  Use circle punch or nestability die to cut half circle on the top.  
3.  I added a small clear bag to hold the gift card inside (purchased at Michael's in the cake decorating section); add a dot of adhesive to the bag to hold in place, adhere on the inside.
4.  use adhesive to glue sides together; fold.  
5.  Insert gift card into clear bag, trim bag (if needed), fold and tape closed.  
6.  Tie ribbon around the base.
7.  Cut out sentiment/scallop with nestabilities; adhere to gift card holder with a pop dot.  Viola!!!

I made the tags in Photoshop; and of course I will share!!

Enjoy Today!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

weekly phone dump

weekly photo dump wk 1RS

 From left to right:
1.  Ready for the first day of my new job.
2.  Designed some "your invited" cards for our church's new series called Sexual Revolution. 
3.  Worked from home a few days this week :D  LOVE IT!!!
4.  Look what I found at Michael's (the SMASH journal)!!  Didn't buy one, but I think they are so COOL!!
5.  Spring has sprung, along with my allergies.
6.  I seriously love Peeps!!  I am definitely in the minority on that one! (my mom sends me some for every holiday~thanks MOM!!).
7.  Celebrated my hubby's birthday last night with grilled steak/grilled veggies and some sparking cider.
8.  LOVE the new Starbucks cups for Valentines!
9.  This is what the stage looked like at church this morning for our new series see #2

Enjoy Today!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

candy wrapper freebie...

Hi friends!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments!  I have really missed blogging, and I am so looking forward to getting back to regularly scheduled blog posts!!

The first week at my new job went great, I am looking forward to streamlining the office, and organize it a bit.  I worked from home on Thursday and part of Friday and I think I am going to like LOVE it!!  I know Kodi likes having me home, LOL!!  He sleeps right next to me while I am entering info into my billing program.

Since I am a little behind schedule with Valentines Day this year, I whipped up a candy wrapper in Photoshop that you can just print, score and tape.  it is Super easy!!  And if you are a busy like me these days, and still want to remember your favorite peeps with a little "sweet" treat, here ya go!!
valentine chocolate 1

valentine chocolate 2
1.  download candy wrapper HERE
2.  cut in half at 5.5 inches.
3.  score at 2 7/8, 3 1/8, 5 1/2, 5 3/4.
4.  fold; cut excess if needed, tape.
5.  give to someone special!!

*I used the1.55 oz Hershey Bar

Enjoy your weekend!!

and just answering a few questions from my last post:
* Tootsie rolls are chocolate chewy candy (low Weight Watcher points too, that's why I eat them, gives me a "sort of" chocolate fix).
* Ashley gave me the thumbs up on the pants~guess they were not too old womanish, LOL!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

*tap*tap*tap* is this thing on???

photo dump week 4rs
Hi everyone!!
I am not sure if anyone still reads my blog???  Sorry for the very LONG absence!!  Things have just been a little crazy for me!!!  Starting with my new job, Christmas, computer issues, life, etc.  

As most of you know I started a new job at McKesson Pharmaceuticals on 11/28/11.  I went from working 32 hours, with a 10 minute commute to working 40 + hours with a 80 minute daily commute (round trip).  So needless to say, I had WAY less down time than I had been used to!!  Then when you throw Christmas and a computer virus into the mix, well lets just say, I had to cut a lot from my schedule, and blogging was one of those things *sad face here*
A few weeks ago I was contacted/interviewed for an office manager position in an office a lot like my former office, and it is 6 minutes from my house.  I accepted the position, gave my two weeks notice to McKesson.  I start tomorrow!!  I am sooo excited!! And feel like I am getting my life back!!  Plus a lot of patients from our old office (that closed), transferred to this office, so I am pretty excited to see most of them!!

I have not stamped or picked up my camera since Christmas, which I cannot believe!! But I still use my iphone to take photos here and there (it is just in my blood, LOL!).  I have lots more photos and will try to catch up with my iPhone photo dumps, since I hope to include them in my Project Life album.  

Here is my photo dump from left to right:

1.  My sweet hubby picked up a lot of the slack for me while I worked overtime.
2.  Because the Superior court does not think I have too much on my plate already~jury duty notice~BLAH!!
3.  This is the YUMMIEST cereal EVER!!  Chocolate squares with chocolate filling.  I ate the entire box (not in one sitting, LOL!) as a snack.  I will not buy it anymore, because it is too tempting!!!
4.  Was craving grapefruit the other day~sour and yummy!
5.  Some yummy drinks I bought at Costco
6.  I had Friday off this week, and spent the day with my hubby, my favorite part of the day, our morning coffee.
7.  This is the side compartment on my vehicle door, filled with Tootsie roll wrappers.  I usually eat them on my commute home from work.
8.  Kodi sitting with me on the couch.
9.  Tried on some black pants and sent this to Ashley (my fashion consultant) to make sure the are not too "old womanish".

Hopefully I will be back to a regular blogging schedule soon!!  
Enjoy today!!

Go PATS!!  (that's for my hubby!!)