Monday, March 10, 2014

weekly photo dump - march week {two}

From left to right:
1.  We started a new dog obedience class with Sophie and Bella, it is right after work on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks.  So what is for dinner on those nights?  Cereal.  THIS is my new fav!!
2.  I sent my camera and lens to Canon for a cleaning and calibration.  I have never had it done before, so I figured I should just do it.  Of course now that my camera isn't here, I can think of tons of things I want to photograph!!
3.  I started #100HAPPYDAYS on Saturday, you can read my blog post about it HERE.  You can still sigh up if you want to play along.  HERE are the details and sign up.
4. My office provided lunch on Friday, it was YUMMY and SPICY.  
5.  I earned a lot of Pet Rewards from Petco last month.  I redeemed them on Saturday,  we bought food for Bella & Sophie.
6.  My new favorite sandwich (I go through different sandwich phases) is turkey pastrami.  You can see from the photo that I could not wait, I HAD to take a bite, LOL!
7.  I am SO HAPPY that Bella's swollen lymph node was NOT cancer!!  She does however, have valley fever (you may remember that Kodi had valley fever too). We started her on meds this week. 
8.  Got me some new shoes on Saturday.  My Tom's just didn't hold up very well (I guess I am hard on shoes). 
9.  Mike and I have been going to church on Saturday night (which I love!!), if we plan ahead, sometime we have time to get a SB's on the way.  "I LOVE when we plan ahead, YUM!"

Enjoy Today!!

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