Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project Life {November 2013 Happenings}

Some weeks I feel like I just cannot get it together (too many things to do)!!  
I am having one of those weeks...blah!!

Luckily I was able to finish the journaling on my PL pages tonight, so my Wednesday post was not too late.

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Here's hoping your week is much more productive than mine!
Enjoy Today!

Monday, June 23, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump - june {week 3}

From left to right:
1.  These pups LOVE to swim...this is what happens after the swimming, NAPS.
2.  I jumped on the Beyond Diet bandwagon (have you seen the advertisement on Facebook?), I have sort-of been doing the program last week, while I was learning more about it (and lost 2.2 lbs).  I officially started on Sunday and let me just say (I am not hungry, at all!!). It is definitely hard for me to wrap my head around eating this way, I will keep you posted.
3.  It has been so hot around here.  Mike and I went to Sweet Tomatoes again this week for our Saturday lunch date (cold crunch salads, YUM!).
4.  We bought the pups some new pool toys. I think Bella will be jumping in soon, to retrieve her toy.
5.  Just some Saturday swimming.
6.  Day one of my Beyond Diet:  Breakfast was 2 eggs with 1 cup spinach and a sliced tomato.  I had to force myself to eat my snack, because I was not hungry.
7.  I was successful with my walking last week~woot!!  Here is to another week of success.  Don't be scared with the no makeup photo.
8.  I went to get my tootsies done on Sunday afternoon.  So glad they are presentable again, with sandal season and all.
9.  The pups towels.  Boy, our pool is surely getting used this year.

Enjoy Today!

Friday, June 20, 2014

lots of doggie paddling...

First off, I want apologize for the lack of regular posting around here!!  I know how disappointing it is when you expect a new post and there hasn't been one since Monday!!  I am trying to re-evaluate my schedule with 
work, exercise and play.  

This is what has been going on around here most nights after work:

Mike and I have been spending a lot of extra time in the pool, since Sophie and Bella like swimming so much.  

I am hoping to be back to regular scheduled posts next week!!  Have an AWESOME weekend, friends!!

Enjoy Today!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

weekly iphone dump ~ june week {2}

From left to right:
1.  Sometimes I really crave a crunchy apple.  Of course the ones around here are not as good as Woodstock, CT apples, but this store bought one hit the spot.
2.  There has been a lot of swimming going on at the Clark house.  Sophie and Bella LOVE it.  
3.  It is hard to believe that Bella was once afraid of the pool.  She does so well with her life jacket on.  
4.  This is what it is like when I am on my computer, Pete is right up in the monitors grill.
5.  I know I had a picture of this in last weeks photo dump, but I am loving my breakfast these days!!  Choboni yogurt with berries and a sprinkle of Kashi cereal.
6.  I am trying to work walking back into my daily routine, which is hard, since the dogs always want to come along with me when I get my shoes on.  Not sure how I am going to schedule it in, but my goal this week is to go at least 3 times.
7.  Mike and I were craving salad on Saturday, so of course we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.
8.  The kids came over yesterday for Father's Day and Hersh and Kodi wanted to give swimming a spin (not really, LOL).  Like #2 lots of swimming going on over here.
9.  Kodi tried out Bella's life jacket.  He did pretty good, but still is not really a fan of the pool.  

Enjoy Today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Project Life {October 16-31, 2013}

Happy Wednesday!

I am so happy that I am finished with October and moving on to November!!  I am almost into 2014 people~woot!! 

I saw THIS little announcement today!!  
I am really excited about it!!

Left Page
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Right Page
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Enjoy Today!

Monday, June 9, 2014

weekly phone dump ~ june week {one}

From left to right:
1.  I did pretty well tracking my food this week, however, I did not get the results I was hoping for when I weighed in on Saturday morning.  That is OK, because today is a new day!
2.  On Tuesday, Sophie started acting very lethargic and not herself.  I called the vet on Wednesday, and they worked us in after I got off work.  They suspect it is valley fever, just like Bella has (and Kodi had).  She recommended starting Soph on the medication, since we already have it for Bella.  We won't get the results for 7 days, but she is already acting like herself again. 
3.  This is what I eat for breakfast, pretty much every day, yogurt with fresh berries, SO YUMMY!
4.  Just Bella being cute!
5.  This is one of my favorite low calorie, chocolate treats.
6.  We bought Sophie and Bella life jackets to help them with their fear of  swimming.  Sophie does really great, but Bella is still a little scared. But seriously, how cute do they look?
7.  Mike and I ate at Chipolte on Saturday.  I am back to the veggie bowl (low points, I shared the guacamole with Mike).
8.  Since Sophie was feeling better, we went to the bark park on Sunday morning.  We met a new pittie friend, named Meatball.
9.  I finally got my car washed and my new decal put on.  I LOVE IT!!

Enjoy Today!

Friday, June 6, 2014

{one organizing project at a time} What I keep in my bag

I have had this post in mind for a while, I finally had a few minutes to take some photos and blog about it.  

I don't know about you, but I really love seeing how people organize their purse/bag, and what they keep  inside (am I the only nosey one around here?).

Well here is how I organize my bag:

Bag from Target - link is HERE

Inside I keep these items:
Purse organizer, Cosmetic bag (that does not hold cosmetics), wallet.

I LOVE this purse organizer (below) that my daughter in law, Jess, told me about.  There are several options different brands available, but I just ordered the cheapest one.  It has worked AWESOME!! 
what I keep inside:

from left to right:  comb - lint brush - lotion - Advil - travel size hair spray - tissues - WW calculator - pens - hair clip - coupons and gift cards - hand sanitizer - mirror.

I ordered mine from Amazon - link is HERE.

I also keep lots of random items in a cosmetic bag.  I like that everything has its spot, and I know exactly were to find everything

what I keep inside: 
Cottonelle wipes (from years of being a mom) - Shout wipes (mostly for my hubby) - eyeglass alcohol wipes - manicure set - floss - eye drops - band aids.

I found this particular bag at Target ($6.99), I could not find the same one online to link to, but included a link to Similar ones from the Contents brand  HERE.

I did not take a photo of my wallet contents, because, it is pretty easy to guess what I keep in there:  cash - debit card (we no longer own credit cards!!) - medical cards - drivers license - receipts - my store cards (but I recently found a great way to organize those on Pinterest) -link is  HERE.

So there your have it.  
This is how I keep a small part of my life organized.

Enjoy Today!

Monday, June 2, 2014

weekly phone dump - May {week 5}

From left to right:
1.  On Tuesday, Ashley and I decide to get a pedicure (we both had the day off), the place where we get our tootsies done, has a Starbucks next door, so of course we had to get one!!
2.  My toes are presentable again!!
3.  We finally finished (and by we, I mean Mike), painting our house.  It was a BIG job, and I am so glad it is done (well the front door still needs to be painted, but the house is done~woot!)
4.  I went back to work on Wednesday after having 5 days off.  I am so happy my office has great coffee!!  It was definitely a MUST!
5.  A little organizing project I took on in my bathroom.
6.  I always grab some kind of snack on my drive back to work from my lunch hour.  Right now I am loving these all fruit frozen pops.
7.  Saturday morning I went to my old Weight Watcher meeting.  I don't normally weigh myself, because I get pretty competitive with myself, but when my pants start getting tight, I know there is a problem!!  I am owning the fact that I have been eating BAD!!  And I am doing something about it.  6 pounds to get back to my goal weight!!
8.  Saturday night Mike and I went to church, and picked up a SB's.  The temp outside was 107, but Mike and I both got HOT coffees.  YUP, we are crazy Arizonians. (I just noticed I have 3 coffee photos this week, LOL!).
9.  This little girl had a vet appointment on Sunday morning.  She had to have a blood test to see how she is doing with her treatment of valley fever.  I am hoping it comes back negative, but the vet said she tested pretty high when we found out she had it, so hopefully she won't have to be on the meds too much longer.  She did such a great job!!

Enjoy Today!!