Monday, March 30, 2015

weekly iphone photo dump - march week {four}

Last week seemed to get away from me...(again!). 

From left to right:
1.  I finally added pictures to the shelf over my sofa.  It makes me happy to see all my favorite peeps every day!
2.  This is how Mike and I prepare for the evening, LOL!.  Bella likes to play catch, all night long (she looses her ball under the sofa, so we prepare back-ups).
3.  Just Sophie ready for one of her naps.
4.  See #2.  Bella trying to get 2 balls in her mouth.  She actually did it, but I wasn't fast enough snapping the photo.
5.  We got our taxes done, yipeee! But No refund this year, BOOOO!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, so I guess that is good.
6.  My mom sent me a peep magnet.  So Cute!
7.  Sometimes Pete likes to steal the ball from the dogs see #2.  He is a CRAZY cat!
8.  I didn't want to leave Dewey out.  He doesn't steal the balls from the dogs, but he likes to tease Bella by having her chase him, here he is ready to pounce.  
9.  I love when the UPS man comes to my house, and since I live in Williston, with no shopping, he visits me a LOT!

Enjoy Today!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

weekly iphone photo dump ~ March week {three}

Hi all! 
I am not sure what happened with my Monday post, the beginning of the week got away from me :( 

From left to right:
1.  Sometimes while I am working on an audit for work, it is so much more enjoyable with a snack!  This is my favorite raw trail mix from Sprouts Market (I miss that store dearly!).  I stock when I am in AZ.
2.  It was in the 60's last week, I actually opened the windows.  But since the weather is crazy here in ND, it snowed yesterday~BOO!
3.  Just a selfie before heading off to my weekly Walmart adventure (don't I look excited??).
4.  Since the weather was feeling like spring see #2, I made burgers for dinner.  I have been gluten free for a while and honestly I do not miss the bun, especially when it is topped with tomatoes and avocado, YUM!
5.  Just Soph watching me while I am on the computer.  
6.  Mike and I went to church on Sunday, to be honest, I am still a little guarded when it comes to church. 
7.  After church see #7, Mike and I hit up a new restaurant that opened in Willistion last week.  It is similar to Chipolte (Q'doba Mexican Grill).  Mike and I both had the same opinion, it was good, but we still like Chipolte better.  Of course with our limited eateries around town, we will def go back.
8.  I finally got around to selling my iPhone 5, Josh always does it for me, since he is an eBay expert seller!!  It sold in about 30 min.  Not sure what I will do with my $$.
9.  I have been craving Cuties lately, I must be needing some vitamin c.  I love that these little guys are so easy to peel.

                                                                  Enjoy Today!

Monday, March 9, 2015

weekly iphone photo dump - march {week one}

From left to right:
1.  I love snuggling with these two pups in the morning.  Don't let dad know, he doesn't like them on the bed.
2.  Peanut butter and banana on an Ezekiel English muffin=YUM!
3.  Another Chuck-it ball bites the dust (Bella likes to chew!).  I seriously buy these weekly from Amazon.
4.  One of my weekly preps, cutting up my "cheetah" bananas for our morning protein shakes.
5.  This was the weather at the beginning of the week.  Then it warmed up in to the 40's.  This week is supposed to be 50-60.  I hope that means spring is on the way!!
6.  See #5.  I am so happy it is warming up!!  We have been able to take Sophie and Bella for a walk almost every day!!
7.  Just a Saturday selfie with Bella.
8.  With the weather warming up, it is REALLY MUDDY!!  Especially since Mike and I live in a new construction area.  I looked down at my boots when I was in Walmart getting my groceries, and was a little embarrassed by all the mud on my boots, but then I remembered, I was in Walmart (at least I wasn't in my pajamas, LOL!)

Enjoy Today!!!