Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dog Walking...

I am excited to be back!  It is my plan to post on Monday-Wednesday-Friday (like I used to).  But even though today is Thursday (but feels like Monday), I wanted to get in the routine of posting.

Mike and I LOVE our 2 pit bulls, Sophie and Bella.  They are a little spoiled.  
When I find an awesome pet product~of course I need to share!!  Recently I discovered the Easy Walk Harness and let me tell you~Now I feel like the Dog Whisperer when I walk these girlies.  Before, with the leash only, they did pretty good when walked individually (they are still learning not to pull), but when they were together, it was a different story (they both want to be out front).  Since they weigh 80 and 60 pounds, I want to be in control when I walk them by myself!  The harnesses are worth every penny!!

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And of course I need to show you a picture of these cuties modeling their harnesses.

Happy dog Walking!!
Enjoy today!


Jodene said...

They look totally adorable! Looks like they are waiting for a treat, or for someone to walk them ;)

Pam D. from MI said...

I love seeing pictures of Sophie and Bella. They are total beauties!

June K said...

Don't they look cute! Adorable.

Beth Matson said...

Your girls are adorable! Love all the photos that you share of them. Happy New Year!