Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dog Walking...

I am excited to be back!  It is my plan to post on Monday-Wednesday-Friday (like I used to).  But even though today is Thursday (but feels like Monday), I wanted to get in the routine of posting.

Mike and I LOVE our 2 pit bulls, Sophie and Bella.  They are a little spoiled.  
When I find an awesome pet product~of course I need to share!!  Recently I discovered the Easy Walk Harness and let me tell you~Now I feel like the Dog Whisperer when I walk these girlies.  Before, with the leash only, they did pretty good when walked individually (they are still learning not to pull), but when they were together, it was a different story (they both want to be out front).  Since they weigh 80 and 60 pounds, I want to be in control when I walk them by myself!  The harnesses are worth every penny!!

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And of course I need to show you a picture of these cuties modeling their harnesses.

Happy dog Walking!!
Enjoy today!


Jodene said...

They look totally adorable! Looks like they are waiting for a treat, or for someone to walk them ;)

Pam D. from MI said...

I love seeing pictures of Sophie and Bella. They are total beauties!

June K said...

Don't they look cute! Adorable.

Beth Matson said...

Your girls are adorable! Love all the photos that you share of them. Happy New Year!

Muffin Accessories said...

Grateful for you writing this