Monday, March 24, 2014

weekly phone dump - march {week 4}

From left to right:
1.  Corned beef and cabbage in the crock-pot was a success!!  Super yummy!!
2.  I was so happy to get my camera back from getting cleaned!  I sure did  miss having it around for the 5 days it was gone.
3.  I have been on an organizing and cleaning kick!!  it must be because it is spring (and I am OCD).  I am planning to do a few spring cleaning posts to help get you in the "Spring Cleaning" mood too!!  (cause it makes me very happy and I want to share the love!!).
4.  Just Sophie going for a ride.
5.  This has not happened in a while, but I came home for lunch (as I usually do) on Wednesday and found fluff everywhere.  CRAZY Dogs, they were doing so well!!
6.  Ashley and I took a trip to the Container Store on Saturday.  I SERIOUSLY - LOVE that store!!  I had a few organizing projects in mind when I went, because, you can get sucked into wanting to organize EVERY space in your house when you shop there.  Blog posts will be coming see #3.
7.  Ashley made cake jars for my birthday celebration, since she knows how much I LOVE frosting!!  It was lemon cake and cream cheese frosting and AMAZINGLY Delicious!!  
8.  Flowers from Ashley to decorate the table on Sunday.  I love having the kids over!!
9.  Josh & Jess wanted to go to Goodwill after lunch on Sunday,  so Mike and I tagged along.  Not quite as exciting as the container store for me, but Mike found a few things.

Enjoy Today!!

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