Monday, November 29, 2010

happy new week...

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?? It has been so nice to have 4 days off in a row to enjoy with my family/hubby!!

Thanksgiving day was done in the usual Clark manner~relaxed!! I just love spending time with my family, eating lots of yummy food, and dressing comfy (Ashley even brought her Jammie's for later when we watched a movie). Setting the table is always one of my favorite jobs... This year, I wanted to update my table linens (and not break the bank!!), so Wednesday after work, I ran over to Walmart for a few things and decided to check out the linens (they were pretty picked out), then I happened to check the end cap and found some clearance items that would work perfectly (and they were neutral, so I can use them year round) *woot* Dave Ramsey would be proud LOL! (that is a joke for my former FPU classmates). I also found a cute place card template here (I just opened the document in Photoshop and added a text box to type in our names, or you could easily write them in); I printed them on cardstock and made them into mini cards, they worked out great!!!

Thanksgiving_0006 rs

The rest of my Thanksgiving photos are here.

Here is a quick Christmas card I whipped up last night for the Clean & Simple card challenge...I have been fascinated with numbers lately {because of a project I am taking on} more on that later in the week, so it has carried over into my card making.

Merry Christmas 25

I was reading a blog post last week on making your blog more user was very informative!! I implemented most of the suggestions and hope it makes reading/commenting on my blog much easier in the future...if you are interested you can read the post here.

Ok friends~make today AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

clean & simple birthday...

Howdy all!!
Can I get a TGIW??? Today is the last day of work for me before a LONG weekend~ *woot*

I am so looking forward to spending time with my family and eating too much (2 things that go so well together~family and food).

Last night Mike and I stayed up WAY too late making these for his team at work today. Every Wednesday they take turns bringing in a breakfast item to share~It kinda makes me laugh that my hubby tries to be like Martha Stewart (but he always brings his A game!); the last time it was his turn he set up an omelet bar, (he brings out the big guns, LOL!)!!!. I hope they enjoyed our labors, LOL!! I am sure they were yummy~because they are def not FAT FREE!!!

My SIL will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday. Here is the card I made for her; I wanted to keep it clean and simple~you know "less is more" I really do love this set Delightful Dahlia from Papertrey Ink!!! I seriously need (NO...really want) to make a PTI order~but I am being a good Dave Ramsey student!!!

dahlia birthday

Ok Friends~Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

bright and cheery...

Hi'ya friends...(today is gonna be a quickie)
I am super excited that it is a short work week *woot woot* Mike and I both have Thursday (Thanksgiving) & Friday off!!! And I already have my Thanksgiving shopping done (just have to cook it) procrastinating this year!

I am still debating if I am going to do Black Friday shopping again this year...I don't get nearly as excited as Ashley does to get up at the crack of dawn and push through grouchy people to save a few dollars, LOL!! Last year we waited in line (to check out) at Kohl's for over 2 hours; and I thought I might get into a fist fight over a parking place at Target (just kidding, but people get funny about their parking spots~LOL!). I do however, enjoy the company of my favorite daughter, and getting one of these.

Here is a quick card I whipped up for a dear friend of mine~she has had lots of things going on in her life and I wanted to cheer her up with a bright/girly card.

dahlia card

Ok peeps~Have a Splendid Monday!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

it's begining to look a lot like Christmas...Friday post 2

well not really looking like Christmas here in AZ...but I have been trying to get ahead of the holiday craziness by planning and list making (a true OCD'ers dream, LOL!!).

Here is a quick, inexpensive and easy holiday gift idea (love those!!!). While browsing in my favorite store the other day~I walked down the aisle with unfinished wood stuff (not sure of the correct term for those items, LOL!) and found this Frame that was $3.99 and on sale for 50% off (have I mentioned how much I love HL?). I immediately thought about a modge podge craft (I forgot how much I LOVE modge podge!!!), after spending some time in the scrapbook paper aisle...I came home and started assembling my holiday frame (seriously this took me about 30 min from start to finish).

Christmas Frame

And since I had some left over paper, I decided to whip up a matching card to go along with the gift. Because I had the modge podge and paint already in my craft stash~this project ended up costing me $2.59 gotta love that!!!

Christmas Frame card

I have included a step by step photo board for you in case you want to whip up some of these for your holiday gift giving!!

Christmas Frame steps

1. paint edges of frame with coordinating acrylic paint
2. trace paper to fit frame
3 cut out
4. apply thin layer of MP to frame; adhere paper
5. lightly coat top of paper with thin layer of MP; allow to dry
6. lightly sand (optional)
7. reapply another layer of MP; sand; allow to dry
8. add photo and Viola!!!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Friday post one..

happy HAPPY Friday!!

Last night Mike and I were invited to preview the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which opens in theaters on December 10th.

My kids grew up watching this video.

And even though I did not see the second movie in this series (I saw the first one), The third one, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, was AWESOME!!! (I had great company too, LOL!). It is a great family film with a positive message (not too many of those around these days).

I give it 2 thumbs up!!!

And since I got back kinda late last night~I will have my usual paper crafting post up later this morning (I have a card and a non stamping item for you)~so make sure you check back a little later!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just stopping in for a quick post~last night we had our last night of Financial Peace University (which was a great, btw!!!). Baby step 7 (the last one in FPU) Dave Ramsey talked about giving~this was one of the best lessons IMO!!! I cannot wait until Mike and I are completely debt free, so we "can GIVE like no one else (I think we will be stuck at Baby Step 2 for a while, LOL!!!!). My mom always said, "it is better to give than receive!!" and that is so true!!

As Mike and I drove home we both had someone come to mind that we want to bless this week~I cannot wait!!!

Is there someone you can bless this week (it doesn't have to be expensive~a card/phone call/word of encouragement or small gift)? You will be blessed even more than the recipient!!

Enjoy Today!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

an easy peasy gift bag...

Howdy friends!
It has been a busy weekend at the Clark house!!

I am happy to report we are now the proud owners of these bad boys (pic below)!!! *woot woot* They are AWESOME!! I had planned on getting a cheaper model, but my hubby wanted me to have the best (love that guy!!). The only thing this pair does not do is fold and put away the clothes, LOL!! It has Steam clean and dry (not sure how to use that yet, but I am told it sanitizes and disinfects~which I am all over that!!), plus tons of other knobs and buttons (which I need to read the manual for). Luckily I was able to figure out regular wash and dry cycles, LOL!! So I did lots of laundry this weekend. And let me just add that when the delivery guys came to take the old ones away and install my new "friends" I was grossed out with all the dust and random things under the old machines!!! I found a few socks (not matching), a package of AA batteries, plastic forks, a roll of double stick tape, and lots of pennies (it was quite an interesting mix of items!), I would have taken a picture, but I only had about 3 min to vacuum and clean it up and I still made the guy wait until I was done~I am OCD ya know!!

new toys_0003

Today I have a easy sewing project for you!! I needed a gift bag for my friend (and Mike's assistant), Heather, who celebrated her birthday last week. I wanted something with pink because she always jokes about working in the church office with Mike and Nate, and there is nothing girly there. I was browsing in my favorite store, and came across this denim fabric bag for $2.99, and then it hit me~I could pretty this up and not break the bank!!! I used my 40% coupon on the bag (since it was the most expensive thing I bought that wasn't on sale, which made it $1.79), then I purchased some pink trim for $1.12, I already had the felt and buttons for the flowers so that was $0, so the grand total of this gift bag was $2.91 (cheaper than buying one at Hallmark!! and way cuter, IMO!). All I did was sew the trim around the top of the bag, then I stitched on the felt flower and added a button.

gift bag_0003

and Of course I had to make a matching tag :) I think the entire project took me 20 min from start to finish~EASY PEASY!!!

gift bag_0006

I filled the bag with a gift card and some of these (because they are pink). She does so much for my hubby and I just wanted to give her a pretty birthday present.

I also opened an Etsy shop over the weekend~I was amazed at how easy it was!! If you want to check out my store...I linked it to the tab on the top of my blog (I will add more cards soon).

Happy Monday!!

Friday, November 12, 2010 #2

I'm baaaack!!
I am a little later than anticipated~because as I was sipping my coffee and blog reading this hit me that I totally forgot to make the deposits for work (since yesterday was Veteran's Day and the banks were closed), so I hurried up and showered and went to the bank and then hit up Hobby Lobby and Target (2 of my favorite spots!!!). I have some cute (and cheap) crafty things in store for you (thanks to my trip to HB!!).

I love quilts!!! I have made (completed) one, and have two tops ready for backing and edging (I just never find the time to finish them), maybe now that it is fall/winter, I will be motivated to get the sewing machine out :) This card reminds me of a quilting, but way faster to complete ;)

quilt card_0011

Have a Fabulous weekend!!!

Friday~whoop here it is....

Happy Friday!!!
Can I get a *YIPEE*

Mike and I have been checking out washing machine reviews and prices~looks like Home Depot has the best sales going on right the laundry hopefully tonight (or tomorrow) I will be doing some laundry with a less noisy machine (and maybe a new dryer too if we can find a good deal~I will let Mike go Dave R on the sales guy, LOL j/k).

In AZ we do not change our clocks to observe daylight savings time...but it does get dark earlier here in the fall/winder, which makes me feel like it is later than it actually is, and also makes me sleepy!!! last night I fell asleep under the blanket with Kodi, and didn't have time (I mean I didn't feel like it, LOL!) to upload and edit my card because Mike and I watched this, along with some other shows that we needed to catch up on (I LOVE my DVR!!) come back a little later for my card post!!

I don't want to leave you without a photo~last weekend we did our Christmas family photo shoot...of course I had to snap a quick photo of this cute little Hershey "squirt" He is just so darn cute!!!

Christmas Hershey 001 rs

Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

yummy "pink" cupcake birthday...

Hi all!
I hope you are having a great week~mine has been...well lets just say...sorta crappy!!! Ever have one of those days? I seem to be having one of those weeks~but I am hopeful things will start to turn around today~it is hump day ya know!!! *woot woot*

I won't bore you with the not so pleasant details of my week, (trying to stay positive), LOL!!! But yesterday the Maytag guy came out to our house to take a look at my washing machine (it has been acting up for a while and the spin cycle is super loud!!! I mean like a jet is taking off loud!)~the verdict was not good!!! It would cost $1000 to fix it, and considering I am not really in love with it~Mike and I are going to go washer shopping (and hopefully getting a dryer too *I like them to match*, LOL!) this weekend. Considering laundry is one of my favorite items (sick, I know) to do on the old chore list~I am somewhat looking forward to it (minus spending the $$ part).

birthday cupcake

A friend of mine is celebrating a birthday and her favorite color is pink~so of course I had to make her a "girly" pink card!!! I will just slip a gift card to one of her favorite shopping spots inside, and pick up something from here and viola~birthday gift complete!

ok friends~I will see you back here on my favorite day of the week...FRIDAY!! ta ta for now :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

non~stamping crafty projects...

Hi all...
Another weekend just flew past me!!! This past weekend, we did our annual Clark Family Christmas photo shoot~Every October/November we decide on a date, I figure out what the golden hour is, pick a location, and shoot away, then we end with dinner here (YUM!). I think I have a few images that are Christmas card worthy~whew!!!

As promised here are my non stamping craft projects from last weekend. I found how to make these cute Mason Jar soap dispenser's here (I had most of the items already in my craft room, except the neon food coloring, which made this project around $2.50...Score!!!). Since I love Mason jars so much...I just had to give it a try~and it is super easy to do!! (note~I spray painted the lid, and sealed with clear coat spray paint)

non stamping item soap dispenser

Then I have been wanting something for the front of my dishwasher, so my family would know WHEN the dishwasher is full of clean or dirty dishes. I am always being asked: "mom/hunny, are these clean or dirty" so viola' not an issue anymore!!! I picked up this frame at Hobby Lobby (in the section with unpainted wood crafty items) for $1.50, then I took out the glass and sprayed it twice (2 coats) with Chalkboard spray paint (which I purchased at Ace), and also sprayed the frame with white spray paint. Once everything was dry I reassembled the frame, and took off the leg thing in the back that holds the frame up. I attached some of these bad boys (Velcro), since my dishwasher is stainless steel and magnets don't work on SS (and these don't leave marks!!!), (you can always use magnetic strips if your dishwasher is magnetic). Then I used some chalkboard markers (make sure to use your 40% off coupon for them) to write "clean" and "dirty" on the front of the chalkboard. Then you are good to go~stick it to the front of the dishwasher and all you have to do is flip it! Do you think the guys will put away the clean dishes once they know when they are clean??? A girl can hope right???

*When I took the photo, my dishes were dirty, and by the looks of the photo, so is my dishwasher...guess I need to go polish it *wink*

non stamping dishwasher sign

Ok friends~have a Super-Duper Monday!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

lacey card and "hershey"

Happy HAPPY Friday!!!
Thanks so much for the name suggestions for Ashley's little doggie.

I think they have finally decided on a name after much deliberation. Nate wanted to name him chewbakka,"chewy" for short...and Ashley like Oliver "ollie" for short. But since they were both pretty firm on their name suggestions, they decided to throw out both of those names and call him "Hershey" since he is like a little Hershey Kiss, LOL!!! He is the sweetest little dog ever!!! I seriously may go over and dog-nap him today!!!

He got all fixed up at the groomers on Wednesday, so of course I went over to Ashley's house to see what he looked like...TOO CUTE!!! I snapped a few photos of "Hershey" with Ashley's camera (so she could post his new haircut on Facebook), and Ashley took a few of me with the cutie pa~tootie!! Here we are posing for the camera :)

hershey rs

Ok, now onto the stamping:
I have been wanting to pick up some of these doilies forever and always forgot!!! I just so happened to walk down the cake decorating aisle and saw them~woot woot! So in my basket they went!!! I pulled out my Delightful Dahlia stamp set and Die and went to work. The doilies add such a nice lacey touch~really pretty!!! I ran my Creamy Carmel ink pad over it to give it more of and antiqued look. They were lots of fun to work with~ and I am sure there will be more doily posts in the future, LOL!!

dahlia friend

I was too tired last night to photograph my non stamping craft Monday will be the day to show them off, LOL!!!

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?? I downloaded a bunch of stuff from this website, since I signed up for the free trial lesson last week (it included lots of PF files to download and print). From what I saw in the first lesson, the class looked pretty awesome!!! But I just could not justify spending $65 on the course right now (since I am in FPU).

This weekend I hope to put together a Christmas Planning binder that will hopefully get my hiney in motion for this years festivities!!! You can read Aby's article for getting organized for the holidays here.

Ok Friends~have a Marvelous weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a card and some cute~ness...

Hi all...
I hope your week is off to a great start ;)
Monday at work one of the patients, brought in some dogs from a dog shelter (she had just picked them up and was going to foster them), and one of the little guys was so stinkin' cute, that Ashley decided to take him home. She and Nate are still trying to come up with a name for him...right now I am calling him "little doggie". He is going to the groomer today, so once he gets all pampered I will do a photo shoot with him, LOL!!! Here is a quick photo that Ashley snapped of him on Monday night. If you have any name suggestions, feel free to comment and I will pass them onto Ashley! She told me yesterday that she didn't realize how difficult/stressful it is to name a dog, LOL!!

little doggie a

Yesterday I had some "happy mail" I opened a card with a Starbucks gift card inside that read, Gretchen, you have a special friend that nominated you to win a giveaway on my blog, and you won!!! All I can say is I have some of the best friends!!! it put a big smile on my face!!! Thanks Cindy!!

And I did get some stamping in~*woot woot* while I was re-organizing my retired/for sale stamp sets from SU! (to hopefully list on eBay/craigslist someday, when I have more time, LOL!), I pulled out this old set (Sage Advice) and decided to use the sentiment as the focal point. Of course I had to add some ribbon and a button.

button flower

Ok friends!!
Make Today a Great Day!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

it's November...

it's Monday.....
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I am happy to report I got all the stuff put back (and organized) into the closets (remember this post), and was happy to donate/throw away some things too!
I also tried to stay off the computer this weekend, because it is amazing at how distracted I get and then don't get my stuff done~can you believe I had a VERY productive weekend, LOL!!! I think I may have to incorporate that rule for myself on Saturdays *wink*.
I have a few non stamping craft projects to share with you~but they are not blog ready yet. They are pretty easy, and one involves spray paint (my new addiction), need I say more?
I don't know about you, but I cannot believe it is already November!!! Christmas is right around the corner people (insert crazy face here)!!!! Have you started your shopping? It would be so nice if $$ wasn't an issue, right!? LOL!!! I have been eyeing this online class, but not sure I want to spend the $$, but it really intrigues me!! I signed up for the free lesson to see what it is all about.

And since it is November, I downloaded my FREE desktop calendar from SMJ :)
grab yours here!

november desktop

Check back this week for some stamping goodness and my craft projects :)

Have a SUPER day!!