Monday, November 24, 2014

weekly iPhone photo dump - November week {three}

I am alive!  We made it to North Dakota!!

Of course things did not go as planned (do they ever?)
but we are settling in and trying to get things organized.  

1.  This guy had to take a trip to the emergency vet the weekend before I moved.  He enjoyed a giant bone the day before, unfortunately it got stuck in his tummy.  Luckily he didn't need to have it surgically removed.
2.  Mike and I went out with the kids for dinner before we left.  We went to a few places near Ashley and Nate's new house (downtown Phoenix). I really enjoyed my Tuxedo Latte.
3.  Thursday morning Mike, the pups and I set out for our LONG drive to ND.  It took a day longer than expected due to some snow in Wyoming.
4.  This girl did not sleep during the ride.  She sat up and looked out the window for most of the trip.  She was exhausted when we finally arrived at our new home.
5.  Soph was pretty worn out too.  They are both adjusting to the cold/snow pretty well.
6.  It is quite a temperature difference from AZ...brrr!  I am adjusting though.
7.  I think hot chocolate will be an everyday thing around here.
8.  It snowed on Sunday, and I even ventured out to get some groceries (see #9)
9.  I went to Walmart on Sunday morning to get some groceries (I really miss my shopping options from AZ, but I am making the best of it).  Can you believe that they don't open until noon on Sunday's??  And there was a line to get in...What???  It was definitely an experience.

Enjoy Today!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

SB BOGO! (the red cups are back)

LOOKIE, LOOKIE Friends!!  YUMMY Goodness is BOGO!  
Just thought I would share the love.

I am definitely going to take advantage of this before I leave next week for North Dakota, since Starbucks will be 2 hours away from me. *boo*

Enjoy Today!

Monday, November 3, 2014

weekly phone dump ~ October {week 4}

From left to right:
1.  Just crazy Pete helping me pack.
2.  Halloween is a big deal at my work.  I managed to pull together a costume in the midst of packing.
3.  I bought THIS product a few weeks ago (I saw it in my Cesar's Way Magazine), and I have to say, it has worked really well helping the pups with their jumping!!
4.  I was missing my weekend coffee partner, so I drank out of his cup.
5.  Just a close up of Bella, she likes to jump up in my lap when I am on the computer.
6.  I snapped a photo to show Mike the garage packing progress, let me just say...WORST ROOM TO PACK!!  I am so happy Ashley came to help me!
7.  Sunday I decided to treat myself to a PSL, it was so yummy.
8.  I had to swing by the Uhaul store to pick up some more boxes...unfortunately, I don't think it will be my last trip.
9.  Lately I have been snacking on pumpkin seeds, random, huh?

Enjoy Today!