Monday, March 31, 2014

weekly phone dump - march {week five}

From left to right:
1.  I was cleaning and organizing in the kitchen on Monday, and found my Bamboo Tablet pen that has been lost FOREVER!!  I am not sure how it ended up with the pens in the junk drawer, but I was really happy to have found it!!
2.  While cleaning and organizing (see #1) I also found a gift card inside a box of something my mom gave me for Christmas.  YUP, the item was sitting on top of my fridge since Christmas (don't judge), and I decided to finally put it away.  Of course, I went shopping and took a picture for my mom to show her what she got me (for Christmas, in March!), LOL!!  We had a good laugh over it!
3.  I bought a couple of tennis balls for the dogs, since they love to play catch.  We usually only use the KONG balls, but I thought it would be fun to try these again.  Soph popped it in about an hour.  I guess we will stick to the KONG ones!
4.  I was sitting outside talking on the phone and had the dogs outside with me.  Soph sat right next to me, so of course I had to put the person on hold and snap a picture of this smiling cuteness!!
5.  Mike put up a fence to keep the dogs off the grass in the back yard, while it is growing.  Guess who found a way in?!
6.  We had to return something at IKEA on Saturday, and decided to have lunch there.  We also ended up spending $200 - What?!
7.  Have you heard of oil pulling?  A few of the girls from work are doing it, so I had to jump on the band wagon too.  
8.  Our usual bark park fun on Sunday.
9.  Our usual POST bark park nap.  Dewey decided to join in on the nap too!!  Luckily I had the love seat all to MYSELF!! 

Enjoy Today!

Friday, March 28, 2014


I tried my hand at homemade dog biscuits. And I am happy to report that Sophie, Bella, Kodi and Hershey all gave them paws UP!! They are super easy to make and it is nice to know what is in your dog treats!! 

Here is the source for the recipe (found on Pinterest, of course!).
I changed mine up just a little.  I added more pumpkin and more peanut butter.

  • 2½ cups whole wheat flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1½ cup canned pumpkin
  • 4 tablespoons peanut butter
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a stand mixer, mix together the flour, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter, salt, and cinnamon
  3. Add water/flour as needed to help make the dough workable,the dough should be dry and stiff.
  4. Roll the dough into a ½-inch-thick roll. Cut into ½-inch pieces.
  5. Bake in preheated oven until hard, about 40 minutes.

Gather your ingredients.

Mix together.

The dough should be dry and stiff, but workable (a little dryer than cookie dough).

Roll the dough ½ inch thick.

Use your favorite cookie cutter/cutters.

place on cookie sheets 
(they do not rise or spread, so you can put them really close together, I poked mine with a fork to help them bake evenly).

Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes (YES 40 minutes).  Until they have hardened.
(don't look at my dirty oven too closely! LOL).

They don't last long in my house!! 
And this is Bella waiting for them to come out of the oven (she is very treat motivated, LOL!).

I am also going to try some other varieties  
(carrot, apple, oatmeal, the possibilities are endless).  
Let me know if you give them a try!!
Enjoy Today!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

weekly phone dump - march {week 4}

From left to right:
1.  Corned beef and cabbage in the crock-pot was a success!!  Super yummy!!
2.  I was so happy to get my camera back from getting cleaned!  I sure did  miss having it around for the 5 days it was gone.
3.  I have been on an organizing and cleaning kick!!  it must be because it is spring (and I am OCD).  I am planning to do a few spring cleaning posts to help get you in the "Spring Cleaning" mood too!!  (cause it makes me very happy and I want to share the love!!).
4.  Just Sophie going for a ride.
5.  This has not happened in a while, but I came home for lunch (as I usually do) on Wednesday and found fluff everywhere.  CRAZY Dogs, they were doing so well!!
6.  Ashley and I took a trip to the Container Store on Saturday.  I SERIOUSLY - LOVE that store!!  I had a few organizing projects in mind when I went, because, you can get sucked into wanting to organize EVERY space in your house when you shop there.  Blog posts will be coming see #3.
7.  Ashley made cake jars for my birthday celebration, since she knows how much I LOVE frosting!!  It was lemon cake and cream cheese frosting and AMAZINGLY Delicious!!  
8.  Flowers from Ashley to decorate the table on Sunday.  I love having the kids over!!
9.  Josh & Jess wanted to go to Goodwill after lunch on Sunday,  so Mike and I tagged along.  Not quite as exciting as the container store for me, but Mike found a few things.

Enjoy Today!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

{one project at at time} I am getting started!!

Happy Friday!!
I have been a bad blogger this week!!!  To many things crammed into my week.  

I am reading a book, that I will post about next week, that has me on an organizing kick!!  It really doesn't take much to get me on a kick like that, cause I LOVE to organize !!  

Our house has been under construction for months!!  I think that may be the big reason that I need some order in my life!!  We are almost done with the big stuff (*HOORAY*), so I am getting the itch to get organized.  Let me just say, replacing flooring is a LOT of work!!  But it is SO worth it!!  (You can see part of our stained concrete floor in the background-and I promise to do a house tour soon!!)

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly post, for a little while, on some of the tasks I am tackling to organize and simplify my life (since it is spring cleaning time).  It is amazing how one organized space can make me feel so much better!!

I have today off, so I am getting started!! 

Happy Organizing!!
Enjoy Today!

Monday, March 17, 2014

weekly phone dump - march {week 3}

From left to right:
1.  Mondays are always a little tough getting back into the swing of things. On Someday's 5:00 pm is wonderful!!
2.  My lunch date.  I come home for lunch every day to see my crazy pups and let them outside for some fresh air.  We really need to get a doggie door!!
3.  Mike worked from home on Friday, so he picked me up for lunch, since he was close by.  He is a pretty great guy!.  
4.  Happy mail this week!!  I really love getting magazines in the mail!!
5.  Made my to-do and want-to-do list on Saturday morning.  I don't know what it is about lists that make me so happy!!  They stress Mike out terribly (I cannot wrap my head around that!).  I was able to get good amount crossed off, which always makes me even more happy than making the list!!
6.  Bath day for Sophie and Bella.  Of course it is clean the bathroom day after that ordeal (both of those things were on my to-list CHECK!).
7.  I made dog biscuits for Sophie and Bella (this was on my want-to-do list CHECK!), and I was surprised at how easy they were to make.  Both pups LOVED them.  I will be doing a blog post about them in the next week or so.  Next time I am doubling the recipe, because, I like to give my dogs treats!!
8.  We went to the bark park on Sunday at our usual time, and Bella & Sophie had a blast with their peeps (there were lots of dogs there and 4 other pitbulls for them to play with).  We all needed a nap on Sunday afternoon!!
9.  I prepared corned beef and cabbage for Monday night (St Patty's Day), this is the first time I have cooked it in the crock pot.  But since I am going to be at work all day, I like that it will cook while I am gone, and be ready when I get home. 

Enjoy Today!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Luck O' the Irish...

I thought that since St. Patrick's day is coming up, I would share some cute Pinterest finds to help celebrate.  

We were asked to share a green snack at work on Monday, so I was searching ideas on Pinterest to find something (what did we do before Pinterest?).  

I think I have narrowed it down.  

I will post my choice and the recipe next week on the O' blog.  It is a treat that can be adapted to any occasion.   

  Nope, I am not Irish, but it is fun to play along!!

I will probably make some corned beef and cabbage, since my hubby likes it.  I am going to try a crock pot version, since I will be at work all day.
anyone have a great recipe to share??


And all of these yummy treats look delicious!!  I don't think I would have the will power to make a batch of these Oreos without eating them all!!


I have seen these push up pops all over Pinterest.  
Such a cute presentation!!

These are a little out of my league (I don't think I would have the patience, and my perfectionism would probably drive me crazy), but they are  
super CUTE!

Who doesn't love Muddy Buddies?  
It is like Chocolate-Peanut Butter CRACK!!!  
And I love the touch of green!



For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day

Never iron a four-leaf clover, 
because you don’t want to press your luck. –Unknown
May you live as long as you want 

and never want as long as you live. –Irish saying

May you never forget what is 
worth remembering or remember 
what is best forgotten. –Irish blessing 

Enjoy Today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pulling is the pits!

When I find an amazing product, I just have to share!!  Especially a pet product.

On Tuesday nights (for 6 weeks) Mike and I take Sophie and Bella to a local Dog Obedience trainer (it is our goal that one day they can be therapy dogs).  Eileen our trainer (who is awesome by the way, and if you live local and are looking for dog training, you can find her info HERE) strongly recommends the Gentle Leader Head Collar.  

I have to admit I have seen these in the pet stores before and thought that they looked "mean".  She sells them at class, so she suggested we try one on Bella and Sophie the first night.   

OK...THESE THINGS WORK!!!  Once Sophie and Bella got used to having it around their snout, they did NOT PULL AT ALL!!  

I had the ultimate test this week, when I took them both, by MYSELF on a walk through the neighborhood (we even encountered people and dogs and they stayed by my side).  

I have talked about the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness before (after a face plant in the front yard, while trying to walk Sophie 80 pounds and Bella 60 pounds, who both like to PULL), you can read about it HERE.   But I would have to say hands down, that this head collar works so much better for pulling pups.

And since my camera is still at the Canon Factory Warehouse getting cleaned, I don't have a photo of Soph or Bella sporting their Gentle Leaders.  But I did find this cute pittie on Google Images demonstrating how it is to be worn.

It is so nice to be able to walk both dogs at the same time, and they stay right next to me.  I almost feel like the Dog Whisperer!!

Happy Dog Walking!
Enjoy Today!

Monday, March 10, 2014

weekly photo dump - march week {two}

From left to right:
1.  We started a new dog obedience class with Sophie and Bella, it is right after work on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks.  So what is for dinner on those nights?  Cereal.  THIS is my new fav!!
2.  I sent my camera and lens to Canon for a cleaning and calibration.  I have never had it done before, so I figured I should just do it.  Of course now that my camera isn't here, I can think of tons of things I want to photograph!!
3.  I started #100HAPPYDAYS on Saturday, you can read my blog post about it HERE.  You can still sigh up if you want to play along.  HERE are the details and sign up.
4. My office provided lunch on Friday, it was YUMMY and SPICY.  
5.  I earned a lot of Pet Rewards from Petco last month.  I redeemed them on Saturday,  we bought food for Bella & Sophie.
6.  My new favorite sandwich (I go through different sandwich phases) is turkey pastrami.  You can see from the photo that I could not wait, I HAD to take a bite, LOL!
7.  I am SO HAPPY that Bella's swollen lymph node was NOT cancer!!  She does however, have valley fever (you may remember that Kodi had valley fever too). We started her on meds this week. 
8.  Got me some new shoes on Saturday.  My Tom's just didn't hold up very well (I guess I am hard on shoes). 
9.  Mike and I have been going to church on Saturday night (which I love!!), if we plan ahead, sometime we have time to get a SB's on the way.  "I LOVE when we plan ahead, YUM!"

Enjoy Today!!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Have you seen #100HAPPYDAYS floating around on Facebook??  

I was really curious when I first saw it, I thought "I really don't have time for this" but then I read it and thought, HOW CAN I NOT!!  Plus I like LOVE taking photos!!  I will be taking my daily photos with Instagram.  You can follow me HERE. (I signed up to start on 3/8/14).

I am not feeling unhappy, but I agree that snapping a photo EVERY day of something that makes you happy, will def make you happier!   What do you have to loose?  

Leave me a comment or email me if you want to play along too.  I would love to follow you!!

You can sign up HERE!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Clean Fun!!!

Today's post is a little late!!

We started a new obedience class with Sophie and Bella last night and I was exhausted when we got home, LOL!!  We are working with a local dog trainer, that taught me so much about walking your dog with a loose leash.  I am hopeful that we may just get the doggie walking under control!!

I have been LOVING my Peppermint Dr. Bonner Castile Soap!!  Recently Ashley shared THIS link with me "how to make anti-bacterial counter spray".  If you know me (and my OCD), I was all over that!!  Ashley had purchased the supplies and made some for me to try.  I was hooked!  So last weekend I purchased the Tea Tree Castile and Citrus Castile soaps to add to my Peppermint one.  I love that these cleaners work great and are kid and pet safe!!  And the fact that they kill germs on my kitchen counter, makes me equally happy!!  I have been using this everywhere!!  

The video pretty much explains how to make the soap, but Ashley and I found that it was a little too sudsy with 1/4 C of the Tea Tree Castile soap, so I cut mine back to about 1/8 C (it probably depends on the size of your spray bottle), I found the one pictured at Walmart for $2.98. 

 Anti-Bacterial Counter Spray
1 Spray bottle (filled 3/4 with water)
1/8-1/4 C Tea Tree Castile Soap
10-20 drops of essential Tea Tree oil.

Add Water to the spray bottle; add soap and oil; fill to top with water (if necessary); give a little shake to mix; then Clean away!!
Let me know if you try it and how you like it!!

Enjoy Today!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump ~ March week {one}

From left to right:
1.  An afternoon pick me up.
2.  I bought a new basket at Target, and Pete made himself right at home in it.  CRAZY Pete!!
3.  On nights when I don't have anything planned for dinner, it is grilled cheese and tomato soup (I always have bread, cheese and soup on hand).  Plus it is YUMMY!
4.  Kodi came in to work for a visit on Wednesday.  I love when dogs come to visit at work!!
5.  I found a lump on Bella's neck this week, so I made an appointment at the vet.  They are not really sure what it is (I am hoping it is NOTHING!!) I will know in a few days after the tests come back.  But as you can see, she was ready to GO home!!
6.  I cleaned out my closet on Saturday morning, it felt so good to get the stuff out of there that I have not worn in quite a while.
7.  Mike and I went to Chipolte for lunch on Saturday.  I got something different this time, and it was really yummy ~  Barbacoa meat with brown rice, pinto beans and green salsa.
8.  I am hoping this is the last trip we have to make to Lumber Liquidators!!  Ashley and Josh's rooms are the last ones to get the flooring done (NO more carpet in da house!!).  
9.  Mike requested pancakes AGAIN for breakfast on Sunday morning.  I think he could eat them every day.

Enjoy Today!