Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Clean Fun!!!

Today's post is a little late!!

We started a new obedience class with Sophie and Bella last night and I was exhausted when we got home, LOL!!  We are working with a local dog trainer, that taught me so much about walking your dog with a loose leash.  I am hopeful that we may just get the doggie walking under control!!

I have been LOVING my Peppermint Dr. Bonner Castile Soap!!  Recently Ashley shared THIS link with me "how to make anti-bacterial counter spray".  If you know me (and my OCD), I was all over that!!  Ashley had purchased the supplies and made some for me to try.  I was hooked!  So last weekend I purchased the Tea Tree Castile and Citrus Castile soaps to add to my Peppermint one.  I love that these cleaners work great and are kid and pet safe!!  And the fact that they kill germs on my kitchen counter, makes me equally happy!!  I have been using this everywhere!!  

The video pretty much explains how to make the soap, but Ashley and I found that it was a little too sudsy with 1/4 C of the Tea Tree Castile soap, so I cut mine back to about 1/8 C (it probably depends on the size of your spray bottle), I found the one pictured at Walmart for $2.98. 

 Anti-Bacterial Counter Spray
1 Spray bottle (filled 3/4 with water)
1/8-1/4 C Tea Tree Castile Soap
10-20 drops of essential Tea Tree oil.

Add Water to the spray bottle; add soap and oil; fill to top with water (if necessary); give a little shake to mix; then Clean away!!
Let me know if you try it and how you like it!!

Enjoy Today!!