Sunday, October 9, 2011

weekly iPhone photo dump...

october 9 rs
From left to right:
*Made my favorite pumpkin cake (2 ingredients...spice cake mix/sm can of pumpkin, I could only find the big can so I used 2/3 of the can), bake as directed on box, top with whipped cream or Cool Whip.
*Stopped at Jamba Juice on my way into work on Tuesday.
*Sharing a treat with Kodi.
*Mike and I went out for lunch at Genghis Grill.
*I waited in the car while Mike went into Home Depot for 1 thing (and took forever!!).
*This was the 1 item (see above), a part for our sprinkler system.
*Finally tried SB's Salted Carmel Mocha (White Chocolate Mocha is still my FAV!).
*Wore my red shoes to church this morning.
*Currently this is my FAVORITE coffee creamer (Safeway brand Pecan Pumpkin Pie). 

I have some crafty posts coming this week!!!

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