Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy BOO to you...

Happy Halloween!!
Last night we had our little pumpkin carving party~it was a lot of FUN!!  I enjoy seeing everyone's creativity!! 

We had a little trick-or-treater~that was SUPER cute, if I do say so myself!!  Hershey was not really a fan of the costume, because it kept falling over his eyes and he couldn't see, but for the 15 minutes that it was on~it was CUTE!!

Halloween Hersh 
I meant to post this last week~but time just got away from me.  I made up a Halloween card to share.

halloween card  
You can down load it HERE.  
Just print; cut at 4.25 inches; and fold each card at 5.5 inches.  

Have a fun & safe Halloween!!


Barbara said...

Hi Gretchen
Awfully cute card. The link didnt work for me though.

June K. said...

Oh Hershey is SO cute in his little Halloween costume (I mean he is cute with or without a costume, of course).

Cute/funny card. Love it.

Jodene said...

Love this card, is that the little stamp you used on the place cards I saw in the other photos? Very cute!
Loved Hershey's outfit too, he looks so sweet :)