Saturday, October 8, 2011

{365} 10.8.11

Ashley & Nate came over today so I could give Nate a haircut.  Ashley asked if we could also cut Hershey's hair, I was thinking "how hard can that be?"  Let me just say..."don't let this cute little doggie fool you"~he is ferocious, LOL!!  He does not like getting his haircut, AT ALL!  Ashley and I spent about an hour and a half distracting him and getting most of it cut.  He still looks pretty cute even with his amateur pet groomers, LOL, but next time we are leaving it up to the professionals!  I am sticking to people haircuts!!

This is Hershey before~we didn't get any after photos, cause he was not in the mood after his hour and a half haircut *wink*

october 8 rs

Here is the look I got from Hersh when I got my clippers out, LOL!!

  october 8 rs 2

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