Friday, October 7, 2011

{365} 10.7.11

Today I got a nice surprise in my mailbox *smile*   thanks Mom!!

I have said it many times before...I am an "apple snob"  growing up in CT I ate the BEST apples (I think it has to do with the crisp fall air)!!  The only kind I can find in the grocery store here in AZ that I {sorta} like are honey crisp.  

My mom went to Woodstock Orchards (which is right down the road from where I grew up) and got me some of these beauties!!  She wrapped each apple individually in newspaper and then in bubble wrap~luckily only one bit the dust, and there were only a few bruised casualties, LOL!!  

And since the weather has officially cooled down here in the desert (76 degrees today), and I have some yummy apples, it now feels like FALL

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If you would please excuse me~I am going to eat a nice crisp and juicy apple~YUM!!!


Melissa Moore said...

I am an apple snob too, but my hubby is the head of Produce for Safeway and has introduced two new apples in the last year...Opal...and...Envy. Thought I would recommend them to you because they are WAY better than honey crisp. Opal will return to the stores very soon. Just thought I would share.

Melissa Moore said...

Oh and I live in AZ also, so I know they will return to stores near you. :)