Saturday, October 22, 2011

{365} 10.22.11

Last week Mike was in a minor car crash.  Thankfully no one was hurt, except his car.  We are so blessed to have a friend that REALLY knows how to  fix cars!!!  Last night they ripped off the hood and fenders and replaced them with brand new ones.  Unfortunately I didn't take an "after" photo (it's to dark tonight), but the "before" was pretty cool!!

Yeah, it's a Saturn wagon~that's how my cute hubby rolls, LOL!! October 22 1 rs

Josh was helping out~he needs to really wash those hands!!
october 22 3 rs
I love this crazy Saturn driving guy!!
october 22 4 rs

Thanks Andrew and Greg!!!  We are so very thankful for your kindness!!

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Jodene said...

Cool! Looks like a transformer! lol
Glad that nobody was hurt and you were able to fix the car :)