Thursday, October 20, 2011

{365} 10.20.11

Am I the only one that cannot believe that October is almost over??  It is just flying by!!  

You may remember THIS post a while back, when I picked up LOTS of prints from Costco.   I did get them all organized (chronologically), and I am hoping this weekend to at least get the rest of 2010 into the album (I think I may have to use 2 albums~I take lots of pic's, LOL).  I really do LOVE Project Life and plan on doing it again for all my 2011 pictures.  I love how people do their PL albums on a week by week basis, but I  know, I could not keep up with that kind of pressure, so I do what works for me.  And I have to say that having 3/4 of my 2010 pictures already in an album, makes me pretty darn giddy!!  (it doesn't take much to make this gal happy!).

Here is my stuff all ready for me to sit down and work on it...

october 20 a rs

Here is a peek of where I left off~August 2010.

october 20 b rs

I am super excited to order the new PL designs, which are coming out soon, you can read about it HERE.