Thursday, November 17, 2011

{365} 11.17.11 Photo Organization

Every now and then, I get on an organizing kick, well I am definitely on one, LOL!!  I think it has something to do with THIS book I am reading.  I am not a minimalist by any means, but the concepts she talks about are so true!!  Do we really need 10 slotted spoons in our kitchen drawer, and all those gadgets that we only use once a year??  I do not consider myself a hoarder, but I have come to the realization that I have too much STUFF!!  So I have my lists made and I am on a mission to get things whipped into shape before I start my new job.  My husband always gets a little nervous when I am in one of these spurts~LOL!!  

I started in my bedroom with my closet (photo will be on my iphone dump this Sunday), then worked my way to the stuff I have stored under my bed.  For some reason lots of junk had been put under there that I totally forgot about.  I pulled everything out from under the bed, vacuumed, and purged!!  I ended up donating/throwing out 3/4 of the stuff (and it felt great).

I also had my old photos (from before digital cameras), stored under there, and it was time to get them organized by year.  Let me just say, "this is a VERY time consuming task" but also lots of fun!!  I have always enjoyed looking through photos. I thought I would post these of our family from 1995~gotta love my permed hair!!!
photos 2 rs

I started by sorting by year (some of them were a total guess, LOL!!  Luckily we moved quite a bit, so I was able to see what state/house we were living in).

  Photos 1 rs

I wanted to have them all organized in the same type of containers, but Target no longer carries the green photo bins, so I had a few DVD cases from The Container Store, that worked just as well (I couldn't find them on the website to link up). Of course I used my handy dandy label maker to label the boxes!!  (that makes this OCD'er very happy).

photos 3 rs

Once I had everything sorted and packed, I put the green containers and baby books in an under bed storage bin (with wheels), and stacked the other bins on top.  Then rolled it under the bed (I use these risers to maximize storage).  This is all that is under my bed now *smile*
photos 4 rs

Now I am moving into the kitchen.  I organized it last year, so it shouldn't be too big of a job~just some reorganizing and purging of stuff that I don't really use.  

Happy Organizing!!


Joy Junktion said...

You know all those things we only use once a year...then we throw them out because we haven't used them in a year...well, next week I'll be using lot's of Those Things!! :) You know, Thanksgiving Dinner and All!!

June K said...

I love the 1995 photos. They are darling. Can't wait to see your cleaned out areas on Sunday.