Sunday, November 13, 2011

{365} weekly iPhone photo dump...

November 13 rs

From left to right:
1.  Photo from my desk at work (wrapping things up in my office), see that big stack of paper to the right)??
2.  Did the shredding at work (the big stack from #1, plus a big box next to the shredder), my LEAST favorite job!!
3.  The cord to the copier was left behind~I located one and wanted to make sure this is the right one (another reason I LOVE my iPhone)~BINGO it was right and I mailed it to Dr T!!
4.  Ashley and Nate took Mike and I to Five Guys (it was our first time), it was DELISH!!  And my pants are now tight, LOL!
5.  December Daily pages are printed!!  I am ready to "pretty" them up!!
6.  Weekly grocery shopping!!  Another of my LEAST favorite jobs!!
7.  My family loves Clementines!!  These will be gone in a matter of days.
8.  A little snack for my hubby, ice cream with whipped cream (I passed, see #4).
9.  I made my own hand soap over the weekend (tutorial will be on the blog this week!!), it was pretty darn EASY!!