Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly iPhone dump...

November 20 rs

From Left to Right: 
1.  Lots of shredding done at work last week
2.  Josh asked me to buy Honeycomb cereal, and I forgot how yummy it is for a snack!!
3.  Pete watching a movie with us.
4.  I have been on an organizing kick~here is my closet~and YES I hang my clothes by color (yup, I am OCD!!)
5.  Two of my hubby's favorite things, LOL!!
6.  This came in the mail, but I have been too busy to really look at it!!
7.  Operation Christmas Child boxes getting loaded into my car.
8.  Date at IKEA with my hubs (I LOVE that store!!).
9.  A little snack after #7 (.79 cent ice cream cone from McDonald's).