Sunday, November 6, 2011

{365} weekly iphone dump...

November 6rs
I seriously do not know where my weekend went!!  
Here is my iPhone photo dump for this week:  (from left to right)

*Frozen Yogurt with Ashley on Monday.
*Turned my desk calendar to a new month, I love it all nice and clean and empty for a day or so, LOL!!
*Picked up Hershey from his grooming appointment.
*Took Kodi for a walk and we looked like giants in our shadows.
*Had an interview in Scottsdale this week and this was part of my drive home, Pretty!!
*Frozen Yogurt with the hubs (yup I love me some froyo!!)
*Working on Operation Christmas Child stuff for my church.
*The RED cups are back at SB's!!
*Kodi on the way home from the church picnic~he loves going for a ride!!