Monday, November 28, 2011

{365} 11.28.11

Hi all, 
I am going to be out of blogging commission for a couple of days...I decided to go to the doctor today, because I still felt "YUCKY."  

I have an upper respiratory infection.  BLAH!!

I have so much to do this week before I start my new job on Monday~I hope that this little combo (below), kicks in fast!!!  That cough syrup has Codeine in it, so I am sure I will sleep pretty good tonight, LOL!!

November 28 rs

Hoping to be back on Wednesday with some paper-crafting goodness!!!


Jodene said...

That's no good Gretchen! Hope this combo helps, and be sure to get plenty of rest :)

Kathy Mc said...

Such a bummer, Gretchen! Hope you feel better soon. Besides rest, don't forget to drink plenty of liquids so you don't get dehydrated. Take care!

Patrice said...

Never fun to be sick. Hope your little cocktail of meds gets you fixed up and back to yourself super soon.

June K said...

I hope the meds kick in fast for you, Gretchen. Get well soon.