Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organization Day 3

Happy Friday~again!!

I hope you are feeling good in your progress of organization~it always makes me feel happy to look at things that are in their place :)

Day 3~Tupperware Storage:

Ok~let me just start this off by saying, I used to have a terrible problem with Tupperware!!! I had every piece imaginable~just ask my mom when she helped me move~it was not pretty!!! While I have nothing against Tupperware, I find it to be one of the most challenging items to store!! With that being said, I have, over the years donated most of my Tupperware. I would be afraid of..."what if I have 100 items of random leftovers with not enough Tupperware??" Well that has NEVER happened to me, LOL!! And if it did happen, I could just use a bowl with plastic wrap. I am not saying you need to get rid of your Tupperware, this is what has worked for me, with my limited storage space.

Ok here we go!!
Take out each piece of Tupperware/Rubbermaid/plastic container and make sure you have a matching lid to go with it. Get rid of any pieces that are yucky, cracked, or lid~less.

I found these dish pan type containers at my local Dollar Store (you know how much I enjoy organizing containers!!). I stacked all the "bottoms" inside.

organization day 3 tupperware 2

Then I used a plastic shoe box to house all the lids.

organization day 3 tupperware 3

organization day 3 tupperware 1

I store them on the shelf in my island cabinet. This is where I keep all the items I use the most, so while I was organizing the Tupperware, I pulled everything out and wiped out the cabinet then put it all back in it's place (I am noticing a little bowl addiction going on here, LOL!). Here is a view of the finished project.

organization day 3 tupperware 4

So far this Tupperware system has worked out great for me~I love that I can pull out the entire container to find the right size item/lid that I need.

Ok now it is your turn~go tackle that Tupperware!!!


Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl said...

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I even bought the containers with matching lids that stack nicely. But the 'others' always find their way in my cupboard. haha.

I have tried to to use a box lid as a slider to hold all my lids. But I still need to tackle the plastics cupboard a bit more. Maybe I will try bigger storage containers like yours. Thanks for the idea!

Johanna B said...

I wish I had enough Tupperware that it was a problem to store.