Monday, January 10, 2011

WW, Celebrating Life, Pantry...

Hi all,
Happy Monday to you~did you have a nice weekend? I am still fighting this cold that my hubby shared with me last week~yuck!! I am hoping I start feeling better this week!!! I am tired of blowing my nose every 5 min!!

On Friday, even though I was feeling kinda yucky...I decided to go to my local WW meeting to find out about the new Points Plus Program. I was a little hesitant and nervous, since I had so much success with the old program; but the 0 point fruit was really making me CURIOUS!!! I am so glad I went, because I think I am really gonna like the new program!! Change is good, right?? (sometimes, LOL!!). So I picked up my new materials and one of these (*note these are cheaper at the ww meetings; I paid $16 US dollars) and have been eating way more on this plan than the other one~which makes me happy *smile* I don't really have much to lose, just a few holiday pounds~but I love how WW keeps me on track.


Saturday I went to celebrate the life of my friend Mark Cain (who passed away on 12/24/10). What a nice service it was~celebrating his life and hearing my good friend Cindy talk about him as a husband and dad. He served on the Hospitality team with me at church, and I will deeply miss his smiling face and willing heart to serve.

I made this card for Cindy, and will be mailing it to her today. She is such a strong person and has been through so much~just want her to know how much I enjoy her friendship and how I love her!!


And as promised, Here are the before and after photos of my closet to pantry makeover. It is still considered pretty small in the pantry world~but I am LOVING the extra space for all my canned goods and other food items. And my OCD is just loving the can organizers!!! It is still a work in progress; Mike is going to extend the top shelf (which isn't pictured), and maybe do something on the side walls. It is so nice when I go to Costco now~if something is on sale, I can buy it because I now have room to store it *smile*




pantry after

*the gingerbread house that never got decorated at Christmas
*I was too lazy to paint the shelves, LOL!!
*we like rice :)

Have a Wonderful Monday!


Shelli Deckard said...

Your pantry is wonderful----we did the same thing in our new house---but your complete lack of Tupperware is terrifying. please get some! I can hook you up if need be....I have connections! The pasta and crackers are beggin' for it.....(wink*)

Joy Junktion said...

Thanks so much for keeping my little family in your prayers and for continuing to be a blessing to us:)

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