Wednesday, January 26, 2011

organinzation~day 1

Are you ready for some organizing??? I know I have said this before, but organization makes me really happy (sick I know). I just like to know that everything has a place and when I am looking for a specific item~I will be able to find it easily.

I have been on an organizational kick this month (January always does that to me). And because the rest of my family (Mike and Josh), don't share my love of everything organized...sometimes things don't get returned to their correct home, so that is why it is an ongoing process, LOL!!

I have been following an organizing schedule where you organize one area every day for a month. Now that is all fine and dandy, but sometimes I don't have time in my day to squeeze in some organization (even though it makes me happy), so here is what I did: If I had the time (and motivation) on the particular task day, then I went ahead and tackled it. If not, than I added it to my ongoing to-do list for projects I want to get completed. Then on the weekend or my day off, I could tackle one, two or three of the projects.

So lets get started!!
Day 1~Junk Drawer

I figured that we could start off small, so we can build momentum for some of the bigger organizational tasks coming up. The junk drawer is one area that constantly needs to be gone though in our house~I guess that is why it is called a "junk" drawer~it houses JUNK!!

Since I started my organizing a few weeks ago and wasn't really thinking "blog post" I failed to snap a before photo. But the after is what matters anyway, right??

Here is my organized junk drawer

organization_day 1 junk drawer

organization_day 1 junk drawer 2

I purchased some of these containers at Target (in black) a while ago, which fit pretty nicely in my drawer. So all I really needed to do was take everything out, wipe out the drawer (with this yummy smelling cleaner), purge, then re-organize~viola!!

Ok friends...Enjoy today, and go clean out your junk drawers :)


Joy Junktion said...

Junk Drawer: That was the first thing I tackled after Mark passed away last month! I too needed to start with the small stuff!! Looking forward to all of your 'tips' :) Happy Day to you!

Kathy Mc said...

Thanks for the tips, Gretchen, and can't wait to see more. This same project is on my list of things to reorganize, along with cupboards, closets & drawers. Hate doing it but it feels so good once it's done. Keep up the great work!