Friday, January 21, 2011

charlie the dog...

Happy Friday!
I hope you had a great week~I know I am looking forward to the weekend!! I have been on an organizing kick lately (which makes me feel so good!!), purging and re-organizing does the mind and body good (that is my motto anyway, LOL!).
I have been following a 21 day plan to organize in small bits and pieces (which is less intimidating and pretty easy to keep up with); I will post it next week in case you are interested, along with photos (even better right???). Unfortunately I didn't take too many "before" photos, so it will just be mostly "after" (but those are the ones that matter anyway!!).

In the office building I work in, there is a gal named Colleen (in the suite next to us), who brings her dog Charlie to work with her on a regular basis. He is an Airedale Terrier, and such a sweet natured doggie. I found out last Friday that Charlie had to be put to sleep due to a liver problem; SO SAD!!! He was 12 years old, in human years (which is pretty old in doggie years). I will sure miss seeing him for his regular visits to our office.

I wanted to make a card for Colleen to let her know how much I will miss seeing Charlie. Here is what I came up with, I only have one dog image, which I purchased a few years ago from Cornish Heritage Farms (which is now closed), which made me realize, I need some more pet stamps!!

sympathy charlie_0002

Here is a photo I found online that looks a lot like Charlie; I am so glad that all dogs go to heaven!!! RIP Charlie :(

Give your pet a hug today!!!


Jodene said...

How sad for your work colleague. Losing a pet is so hard, especially one that has been a part of your family for so long. I am sure she will appreciate your thoughtful (and beautiful) card.

SU! have two sets (one cat, one dog) specifically for these occasions but I always think it's not worth getting since how often do you need them right? But after seeing your post maybe I should just order them, because it is nice to know that people care when you lose a pet.

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