Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organization Day 2

Hi Friends,
Did you get your junk drawer cleaned out yesterday? Here is your task for today:

Day 2~Computer Desk

Today's task is cleaning and organizing your computer desk/area. Since I am at my computer a LOT!! (photo editing/graphic design for my church/blogging). This area stays pretty organized, because that is how I roll!!

I actually had a before photo for this task. Notice the pile of junk next to the sat there for 2 weeks (and drove me BATTY), Mike needed to transfer files from our VERY old computer onto an EHD. The other stuff was from our closet turned pantry that needed a new home, which I am happy to report, has happened!! *notice the gloves and scarf? Yes we live in AZ, but it does get chilly at night, so Josh uses them when he rides this toy of his. And our crazy kitty Dewey, who sits at the computer with me 75% of the time*

organization day 2 computer desk before

I took everything off my desk and dusted the entire surface with these (it was pretty dusty), then I used my screen cleaner to clean my LED dual screens (an awesome gift from my hubby), keyboard and mouse. Then put everything back in it's place.

Organization day 2 computer desk_0004

I found the little wire basket at the Target dollar spot, which was perfect for incoming bills for Mike to pay, LOL!!

Organization day 2 computer desk_0010

I also used the same Rubbermaid containers (clear plastic) I used in my kitchen junk drawer for the computer desk draw (if you haven't noticed...I {heart} organizing containers). Once I was ready to dig in, I had plastic bins for items I wanted to donate, another for things that needed to be put away/filed in the filing cabinet, and a trash can for junk. Then I was ready organize!! It really only took me about 30 min to do the desk top and drawers~not really too painful!!

Organization day 2 computer desk_0006

Organization day 2 computer desk_0007

Now it is your turn...Have fun organizing!!!

*I will have a double post tomorrow (organizing/stamping) *


Unknown said...

Yes... actually I DID go home and clean out my junk drawer! I don't think I have the time to tackle the "desk" area, but I must say, you're a huge inspiration to me! I'm cleaning the china hutch this weekend, while hubby paints. :)

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