Sunday, January 30, 2011

Organization Day 4

Good evening!! I am a little late with my Day 4 Organization post~it has been a busy weekend for me. So you know what they say...better late than we go!

Day 4~Clean the Fridge:

Each week before I head out to the grocery store, I usually clean out my fridge of leftovers that never got eaten, brown lettuce, moldy cucumbers, you get the picture, LOL! Well today we are going to really give the fridge a scrubbing!! I took everything out of my fridge~drawers and all and washed them in warm soapy water, I used this and a little elbow grease. Here is my before photo (looks pretty clean when you are far away, LOL!)

organization day 4 fridge 1

But once I pulled out the drawers...lookie what I found~EW!! GROSS!! I have no idea what it was, but of course when I asked the boys~neither one remembered spilling anything. Luckily whatever it was, it was dried up and easy to clean out.

organization day 4 fridge 2

Once everything was washed and shined up~I loaded everything back in. It is so nice looking in there now~I found myself just opening the door to admire the cleanliness ;)

organization day 4 fridge 3

now it is your turn!! Clean out your fridge!!