Friday, January 7, 2011

an easy peasy thank you...

Happy Friday friends!!
Today is gonna be quick~my sweet hubby shared his "cold germs" with me this week, so I have been a little under the weather (isn't he so nice to share?? NOPE); I think I am on the upswing though *hooray*, so that is good news; because my PTI order arrived last night *smile* Hopefully I will have some time this weekend to play with my new stuff!!

Today I am off to my local WW meeting to find out what the new Points Plus is all about (I am a little nervous...because change is always a little scary, but I am so excited about the 0 point fruit!!). And I am hoping the weigh in isn't too painful after the holidays!!

I will have my pantry photos up on the old blog on Monday (I wasn't up to taking photos last night...sore throat/headache/tired/blah!); stay tuned.

Here is another easy peasy thank you card.

thank you flower

Enjoy the weekend Friends!!

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Shelli Deckard said...

super cute Gretchen.....feel better!