Monday, January 3, 2011

2011, thank you card & LOTS of chit chat...

Are you ready for the work week? (this said in the Monday night football sort of way), LOL!!.

I hope you, my sweet blog readers, had a Marvelous holiday season and are excited as we look forward to 2011. Did you make any resolutions? I personally don't~I just set goals for myself (much easier for me to achieve that way!!). My number one goal this year is to get back into walking every day, and to start counting my WW points more strictly (anyone out there using the new program?? curious what you think of it). I bought a pair of these to help me out~not sure if they really work or not, but worth a try right?? And they were on sale (gotta love that!!).

I tackled a lot of organizing over the past 4 days (it feels so good to get that stuff done!!), Mike and I never got to the garage re-organization, but you know, there are other weekends for that. My new pantry is coming along nicely (just waiting for these to arrive so I can take an "after"photo). Since we turned our downstairs closet into a pantry...all the "stuff" we kept in there had to find a new home (luckily we got rid of a lot of it).

My word for this year is "simplify" and for me lists help me to do that; I love writing things I want to accomplish down, so then I am ok to forget it, because it is on paper (it doesn't have to stay in my brain). I found some great lists you can download for free here. I am loving the pocket docket, since it isn't as involved. I write down my daily tasks and check off 3 MIT (most important tasks, for me to tackle first...that way if I don't get everything done~it doesn't drive me crazy!!). I even started a list for some bigger jobs that I would like to complete; like go through the old scrapbooking stuff stored under my bed, organize my wrapping paper/boxes/bags/ribbons, and re-organizing the garage (since it didn't get done last week) etc. That way it is written down, and if I have some free time and feel like taking on a project~it is right there for me.

I whipped up a few thank you cards on Saturday (it felt so good to get back into my craft room!!), for some really special people who blessed us this holiday season :) Here is one of the designs, I forgot how much I love that little button birdie!!

so sweet of you

I am hoping to wrap up my DDA in the next week or two (great project btw, I will most likely do it again next year too). I am so glad I didn't put pressure on myself to keep up with it on a daily basis, (because that was just not happin-in'). Once I get it completed I will definitely post photos.

Ok, sorry for all the chit chat~but I have really missed blogging!!!
Enjoy your Monday!!


staub cookware said...

The botton birdie is really sweet. It's amazing how your cards are so elegant and funny. Love them!

Blogs said...

WW ... starting fresh watching my points, also. Started just before the new program, so don't have much of an informed opinion. I just plugged in a casserole recipe I made for my lunches this week ... the most low-fat, healthy recipe. WW site says it's THIRTY-SIX points-plus per serving!!! hahahaha

Rice, ground turkey, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, water, green pepper, spices. Yep! 36!!

Good luck to you,

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