Friday, May 2, 2014

{one organizing project at a time} kitchen cabinets (the top ones)

I am still plugging along at Simplifying my Life, one project at a time.  

Next up:  Kitchen Cabinets (the top ones).

I started by taking everything out and checking expiration dates and determined if it was something I used and wanted to keep.  Sometimes I buy an item for a new recipe and never use that item again (a waste, I know!).  
I was surprised at how much stuff had expired (like in 2011!!).  Once I had decided on what I was going to keep, I wiped out the cabinets with my favorite all purpose cleaner:

Recipe: In a spray bottle fill 3/4 full with Water; add 2 Tablespoons  Dr Bonner's Citrus Castille Soup, and 10-15 drops of orange essential oil; (fill to the top with water if needed).

Then I put stuff back.
I purchased the handle baskets a while ago, from The Container Store.  I love that I can pull out the entire basket to find what I am looking for!!  
They are HERE
My flour, sugar, powdered sugar and brown sugar containers 
are from IKEA (HERE).

what I keep in here:  
baking supplies on the top shelf (flour, sugar, baking powder, etc); 
pasta, instant rice (rice pilaf), taco seasoning, Lipton Onion Soup, Hidden Valley Ranch dried seasoning packets on the middle shelf; 
Hot chocolate, and Tea on the bottom shelf.

For my spice cabinet, I use a small carousal (middle shelf) to be able 
to locate what I need.  This has worked awesome!  
THIS is one similar to what I have, 
also from The Container Store.

What I keep in here:  baking spices, vanilla and honey on the top shelf; cooking/savory spices on the middle shelf; 
vinegars, worcestershire sauce, large spice bottles on the bottom shelf.

Since I was doing the food cabinets, I decided to include the cabinets next to the fridge.  This is where I keep snacks, pet treats and canned goods (there were a lot of expired canned goods in there).  
I keep most of my canned goods and big box purchases 
from COSTCO/Sam's Club 
in the closet my hubby turned into a pantry.

what I keep in here:
pet treats and thermoses top cabinet/top shelf; 
popcorn, pretzels, chips top cabinet bottom shelf;

cereal, oatmeal and protein powder bottom cabinet/top shelf; 
granola bars, fruit snacks on the second shelf; 
crackers, m&m's, trail mix and nuts in THESE storage containers 
(peanut butter in the back) on the third shelf; 
canned goods, salad dressing, etc on the bottom shelf.

It felt so great to get that expired stuff out of cabinets and put everything back in.  
It has definitely made me feel less stressed!
  Especially when I am cooking and packing lunches.  

Enjoy Today!


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