Friday, May 16, 2014

one organizing project at a time {linen cabinet}

I think I am at the half way mark with my organizing projects.  
My goal was to get all my closets, drawers and cupboards organized.  
Today's project is this weird cupboard we have in our loft.  It never dawned on me, when Mike was putting in our new flooring, that we should take this cupboard out.  
So I am going to embrace it for the time being.  

This cabinet houses our beach towels, bath towels, and blankets.  
I am embarrassed to show you the before photo.  
I knew I was going to organize this cupboard, so I didn't really put things away nicely for the past few weeks - don't judge, LOL!

Here is the before:

I threw out sheets,  towels and blankets that were worn out.  
Then  I wiped down the interior with my favorite cleaner:  

(Recipe: In a spray bottle fill 3/4 full with Water; add 2 Tablespoons  Dr Bonner's Citrus Castille Soup, and 10-15 drops of orange essential oil; (fill to the top with water if needed) 

Then the fun part, I put everything back in.  
I had a lot of towels that were still in great shape, so I will donate those 
 (they put out a request the other day on Facebook for items they needed).  
The rest of the stuff, sheets, mattress pad, sofa cover 
will get donated to Good Will.  

Here is the after:

I purchased the bin/totes from The Container Store, 
(HERE is the link). 
I wish I would have bought a few more when I was there, 
they are pretty handy, They have handles and lids.
I like that I can grab the entire bin of beach towels and bring it down to the pool, and then I can transport all the wet towels into the house to get washed.  The other bin holds our blankets.  
The white towels in the center are for Sophie and Bella 
when they get a bath/swim. 

It feels so much better with this job checked off my list. 

Enjoy Today! 

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