Wednesday, April 30, 2014

what do I use on my pits?

I am so glad you asked, LOL!!

 A few months ago I was watching a health show, where they were talking about the aluminum in antiperspirant, and how it is bad for you (especially on freshly shaved skin).  My mother in law has been saying this for years.  Dr Oz has addressed this on his show, and said that there has not been any studies done to prove it is bad for you, but who wants to put aluminum on your delicate underarm skin??  

They had the creator of Schmidt's Deodorant on the show, talking about her all natural product.  I was intrigued, so I ordered a jar to try myself (THIS is the one I ordered).  I have to say, I really like it and it smells SO GOOD!!  The only downfall is that you have to apply it with your fingers (it comes with a small spatula to get the product out of the jar) instead of using a regular deodorant applicator (which isn't too much of a downfall).

When I received the jar in the mail,  I thought it was a little small, but it has  been economical.  You only need a small amount, the size of a pea (for both pits!).  
I LOVE the smell of the Lavendar & Sage deoderant and I have not had any complaints of smelling bad, so it seems to be working.  I showed Ashley and she said I should do a blog post about it, LOL!  So here it is!

While browsing Pinterest, I found THIS DIY recipe.  I think I might give it a try once I run out of my Schmidt's (it seems to have the same ingredients in it, and you can put it in an applicator). Plus I like to make my own stuff, makes me feel all domesticated!!

*this is not an affiliate or sponsored post.  
The opinions are my own.  
I am just sharing a great product!!

Enjoy Today!!

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