Monday, May 26, 2014

weekly phone dump ~ may week {four}

From left to right:
1.  I ordered a new decal for my vehicle.  Cause I do LOVE my pit bulls.
2.  I needed to use up some blueberries, so I made some blueberry buckle.  My grandmother used to make this recipe a lot (she always had sweets to serve with coffee, which explains my love of sweets and coffee), I always think of her whenever I make it.
3.  Mike and I bought a LOT of paint on Friday night.  I was happy to hear that  Home Depot had a Memorial Day sale, so we saved some $$.  I think we ended up with 41 gallons total (I had to make 2 extra trips to get more) *what?!*
4.  Who needs an alarm clock on the weekends?  Not us.  We have 2 cute pups that wake us up at our normal work day time (well, Mike's work day wake up time).
5.  Of course I had to make some potato salad for Mike and I for our mini cookout (him and I).
6.  House painting began on Saturday morning, bright and early.  Don't these 2 look excited for the job ahead?
7.  Mike rented a paint sprayer from Home Depot,  that thing worked amazing!!  It still took a long time, but so much better then rolling it on.
8.  On Monday, Mike and I had to go to Lowe's to pick up a few items, so we decided to use the Chili's gift card I received as a Christmas gift, YUP, I hoard my gift cards, LOL!
9.  Here is our loot from Lowe's, nothing too exciting:  a replacement burner for our grill, a new light fixture for out back patio, some anchors and screws and a new light switch for our front lights (it blew out), that trip was much easier on the wallet!!.  

Enjoy Today!!