Wednesday, February 19, 2014

one organizing project at a time {pantry}

I took Monday off from work, with plans to get LOTS of stuff done (but I ended up getting sick with a cold/allergies and felt yucky!).  

One of the things I definitely wanted to complete was reorganizing my pantry (so I made sure it was first on my list of things to do) *You can read about how Mike turned our coat closet into a pantry HERE* (link fixed).  I am usually pretty good about putting things where they belong (but sometimes I have helpers, LOL!), but the shelf pictured in the "before" photo ended up in the small space, making it hard to get things to their correct spot, so things were put anywhere and then it just got out of control!!

I took everything out of the pantry and threw out the things that were expired (there was even a weird colored bottle of ketchup way in the back~GROSS!).  I decided NOT  put the shelf back in there (it is going to it's new home this weekend...Josh & Jess' garage).  

It is so NICE that  I can see everything, so hopefully I won't throw out as much expired stuff next time!!

I was surprised that I got it all back in there, with room to spare!!  It is amazing how a project that took me about an hour made me feel so much better!!  Now I open the door just to look inside!! 

 I think my  next organizing project will be under the bathroom sinks (stuff multiplies and ends up in the wrong spot there too!!).  

Do you have any organizing projects planned??

Can Organizers HERE.
Plastic Basket HERE. and HERE.
Food Grade Storage Bucket HERE.

Happy Organizing!
Enjoy Today!!

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