Friday, April 18, 2014

{simplifying my life - one organizing project at a time} closet

I am still plugging away at simplifying my life.  
I would love to take a month off from work and just concentrate on organizing my entire house, but since that is not an option for me, I am doing it one project at a time.  

Next closet.  
I do keep my closet pretty organized, for the most part.  This time I REALLY went through my clothes and purged!   

I pulled out everything:
 That I had not worn in a year.  
I didn't LOVE how it fit.
and things that were worn.  
I ended up with 2 giant piles of clothes and shoes.  

I have always hung my clothes by color (it is the OCD in me)!  Here is a glimpse of my (not very huge) closet.  It is a walk in closet-meaning I can walk in and turn around. LOL! 

I hang my shirts on the the top, pants on the bottom.  Purses and tote bags go on the top shelf.

I keep my shoes on a shoe rack to the right.

Behind the closet door, to the left.  I keep my jackets (and Mike's), sweatshirts and dresses here.  Sweaters (which really got purged) on the shelf with our bathing suits (which will be getting some use soon-the temps are heating up here in AZ).

On the back of my closet door I have a hook where I keep my belts and Turbie Twist Towel  
(I wrap my hair in it on the days I don't feel like washing it).

Mike hung a big hook on the wall for me to hang up my jewelry organizer (for my necklaces that do not fit in my jewelry box) and scarfs.

Well, there you have it!!  I am almost finished with my bedroom (I still have to do Mike's closet and dresser), but it feels so great that mine are done!!

Enjoy Today!

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