Friday, April 11, 2014

one project at a time {dresser drawers}

I am still working on simplifying my life, which includes getting rid of stuff I do not need and cleaning & organizing. 

In my last {one project at a time} post, I tackled under the master bathroom cabinets.  For today's post,  I moved into my bedroom and started with my dresser drawers (sorry, I forgot to take a before picture~I was just so excited to get started!!). 

I started with an empty laundry basket and went drawer by drawer, pulling everything out.  Once I went through the contents of one drawer, I purged what I didn't wear anymore, was worn out, or didn't like how it fit me (then repeated with the other drawers).  Then I put back the things I love and wear, into the drawers. 

Surprising to me, I filled up the entire laundry basket with stuff to donate to Goodwill.

So here is what I ended up with:
Top row or drawers = unmentionables, jewelry/watches and glasses/sunglasses.
Second row of drawers =  socks, summer pajama tops/shorts, exercise shirts/tank tops.
Third row of drawers =  pantyhose/tights/trouser socks, tank tops, luggage tags/luggage locks/extra buttons.
Bottom row of drawers = yoga pants and shorts I lounge around in, pajama bottoms (winter pj's)

 (don't mind the carpet squares under my dresser, we are still painting molding after installing our bamboo flooring, they make it easier to slide stuff away from the wall...TRUST me, they are not staying, LOL!!).

It is so much easier to put my laundry away and find stuff now!!  

This is what I dropped off at Goodwill on Thursday (it was not all from my dresser drawers), and I am sure I have lots more to go!! Feels GREAT!!

And if you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this photo for my #100happydays post.  

YES, getting rid of stuff really does make me happy!!

Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

Oh your dresser looks so organized. I need to do mine. I just love your blog. Inspires me so much.

Henry said...

This iis awesome