Friday, April 25, 2014

{one project at a time} cleaning the oven - in between the glass.

A while back I saw a pin on Pinterest on how to clean  in between the glass window of your stove.  I sent the pin to my husband and let him know I would LOVE to do this, since I had some weird drips on the inside of the glass (this drives OCD people crazy!).  
He was not as excited as I was about this little project.  

Fast forward a couple of weeks...and while he was puttering around the house, I asked him ever so kindly  (as I always do, LOL!!) if he would take the door apart so that I can clean in between the glass.  He was happy to help!!  I nearly jumped for joy!!

Every stove is different, but it was pretty easy getting ours it apart 

*note: I had used the self cleaning feature earlier in the day, my oven isn't usually THAT dirty on the bottom, LOL!*

Once the inside of the glass was accessible, I cleaned the "in between" glass with my favorite cleaner.  

Recipe: In a spray bottle fill 3/4 full with Water; add 2 Tablespoons  Dr Bonner's Citrus Castille Soup, and 10-15 drops of orange essential oil; (fill to the top with water if needed)

Once the in between glass was clean, we put the door back together.

*lining up the screws and handle to put it back together were a little more of a challenge than taking it apart, but  really not that bad.*

Then I sprinkled baking soda all over the glass on the inside, 
and gave it a good scour.  

It took all the grease splatters right off.  I then went over it with some of my favorite cleaner and we put it back together.   

The entire project probably took 20 minutes total, and that even included wiping out the inside (because of the self cleaning feature, which makes me think...why do they call it self cleaning?  I still have to wipe that junk out).  

Now when I go into the kitchen, I LOVE looking at my clean oven!!

Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

Pinned it as a reference. TFS.

Melissa Moore said...

Ooh I need to try this...I have a few drips that drive me nuts every time I see them (hence the reason there is a towel hanging). Looks good as new!!