Monday, April 21, 2014

weekly phone dump - april {week 3}

From left to right:
1.  Just watching TV with Bella.
2.  Mike and I have been saving up to have our pool resurfaced.  The guys came out on Tuesday and jack hammered the plaster out.  Bella was very curious about the strangers in the back yard.
3.  Mike made hamburgers on the grill for dinner on Wednesday night, even though we grill out all year long here in AZ, there is just something about the first burger of the season that just tastes so yummy!
4.  Soph just waiting patiently for some watermelon.  I cannot say NO to that face!!
5.  Bella in the chiseled out pool.  Both dogs like to play in there, I hope they are as excited about it when the water goes back in!
6.  I bought peanut butter m&m's this week (in a GIANT bag), and come to find out, Mike does not like this kind *gasp*  I am going to have to share, because I don't want to eat that entire bag myself!!
7.  Mike was hanging my new bamboo blinds and curtains on Saturday (He ROCKS!!).  At 4pm we realized we did not eat lunch.  Off we went to YC's for a big bowl of YUM!
8.  Here is the finished product!!  I finally feel like things are coming together!!  I am hoping for a house tour blog post very soon!!
9.  We had a very low key Easter (thanks mom for our cute table decorations!!).  The kids and dogs came over for lunch.  Bella had her stitches taken out and then we had to turn around and bring her back, because the cut opened up.  she now has 3 staples.

Enjoy Today!

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June K said...

Sounds like you had a nice Easter with the kids and dogs. I guess you will be taking some of the M&Ms to work. :)