Monday, February 24, 2014

weekly phone dump - February '14 {week 4}

From left to right:
1.  Mike and I went to Ryan's Pet Supplies on Monday (since we had the day off from work) and scored some dog toys.  I was surprised at how low their prices are!! *Note:  if you are local and want go to the warehouse, check the hours.  They are not open on weekends and close at 4:30 during the week.
2.  My allergies have been CRAZY!!
3.  Just Soph resting on the pillow.
4.  I was craving a BLT last week.  One of my favorite sandwiches and a super easy dinner item!!
5.  Crazy Pete, he does not take any crap from the pitties.  He bops them on the head.
6.  Had my 6 month dental check up on Thursday.  I love getting my teeth cleaned and getting a new toothbrush!!
7.  My office provided lunch on Friday, we had a baked potato bar, which was a big hit!!  The potatoes were humongous!!  I mean pretty close to the size of my head!!
8.  Have you heard of Lush?  They have organic products, it is really popular around here (the store is always busy when I go in).  I got some hand lotion and lip scrub.  
9.  Bella just waiting to go to the bark park.

Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

Your food is making me hungry even though it is only coffee time right now. That Crazy Pete is one pretty tough cat, huh? Have a good week.

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