Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump...

Happy Sunday!!
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!  

weekly photo dump wk 2 RS

from Left to Right:
1.  I LOVE working from home!!  However, Dewey things he can sit right in front of my computer all day long~crazy kitty!!!
2.  My little chocolate indulgence~YUM!!  Love the message too!!!
3.  Finally picked up some contacts!!  
4.  Crazy Pete has the life!!
5.  ARGH!!  that is all I have to say about that!!
6.  Treated myself to a Jamba Juice while I was out running work errands.
7.  I am officially back on the WW wagon!!!
8.  I bought THIS today!!  A machine that makes something like soft serve ice cream made only with fruit~SERIOUSLY??  Can it be true???  YES!!  and ZERO WW points!!!  I am still experimenting~my bananas were not frozen for 24 hours like it says in the instructions, but I was anxious to give it a try~still yummy even with not fully frozen nanas!!! (make sure to use a 20% off coupon!!)
9.  My Sunday nap on the love seat with Kodi who as usual was taking up the majority of space!!!

Enjoy Today!!


Jodene said...

I always love these iPhone dumps, especially when they feature your furry friends. We had a cat at the shelter today who looked exactly like crazy Pete, only she was a girl. Wished I had taken a pic to show you!

June K said...

I also love your photo dumps. You capture so many little things in your life and I love it. And I absolutely love Kodi pics.