Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a mustache party...

 **April 22,2013 - Links have been updated!!  ENJOY**
Warning: Picture overload for today's post.
Last Sunday we finally celebrated Mike's birthday (it was 2/11), our family is WAY too busy these days!  I am happy we all had a Sunday available to party it up!!  I decided on a mustache theme, since I have been seeing lots of stache items on Pinterest. I also wanted to find some games for us to play, and I was happily surprised to find some online.

First we started with lunch, which consisted of pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and iced tea (some of Mike's fav's).

mbday lunchRS

Then we played a couple of games...
First up, was pin the mustache on Burt Reynolds.  You can get the download HERE.  I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was excited to participate (we are a pretty competitive bunch).  

mbday games 2 RS - Copy mbday games mike2RS - Copy mbday games ashley 2RS - Copy  
We had to trace the mustaches and remove them because some people were  "feelers".
mbday games nate 2RS
  mbday games jessRS mbday games josh 4RS mbday games josh3RS mbday games gretchen2RS - Copy
Josh ended up being the winner!!
mbday games joshRS - Copy

Next we moved on to Name that Stache, download the cropped stache photos HERE/Full photo HERE/Cards HERE/Answers HERE.  Enjoy!!

mbday games RS mbday games 3RS - Copy
Nate won this one!
mbday games nate 4RS mbday pieRS
Then we had some Birthday pie (since Mike is a "pie guy" recipe HERE, and yes I bought a pre-made graham cracker crust~don't judge!!!), and then opened presents.
*and if you notice I have no curtains hanging up in my family room, it is because Mike is using them as a prop for his current series at church. I get them back next week, LOL!!

mbday presentsRS  
Some ammo from Josh so they can go target shooting~silly boys!! mbday presents2RS

Of course I set up a picture station for us to model our "staches"  and I had to laugh at some of the outtakes!!  Mustaches printouts HERE (I just taped them to skewers).

mbday sign RS

We started off with a normal pose.
mbday mustache group RS
Then we thought we could use the mustaches for eyebrows (apparently Jess and I didn't get the memo).

mbday mustache group1RS
Then we said lets put the mustaches all on Mike, since it is his birthday (Ashley and Nate didn't get the memo).

mbday mustache group3RS
Ashley still didn't get it!!

mbday mustache group5RS
mbday mustache group4RS
 And when you do some sort of belly dance from a seated position, you know I am going to blog it!!
mbday nateRS 

 It was funny stuff!! mbday nate2RS

Pin It

Good times!!
Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of fun.

June K said...

I see Kodi didn't have a stache. I wonder if he was thinking "these silly people."

Unknown said...

Too fun! You do some fun family things! I just love your blog and am SOOOO happy you're back!! <3

Unknown said...

Too fun! You do some fun family things! I just love your blog and am SOOOO happy you're back!! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOO much for all your 'STACHE ideas!! For some reason, my 14 year old daughter is obsessed with them!! I am planning a mustache party for her and your ideas are the best Ive seen...AND I'VE SEEN ALOT!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Can you email a list of the "name that stache" pictures you used?

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