Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekly iPhone dump...

Happy Sunday Friends!!
Here is my week in iPhone pic's...

weekly photo dump wk 3 RS
From left to right:
1.  My favorite products to get my head of hair into shape every day.
2.  Ashley and I found these while grocery shopping a few weeks ago~super yummy~good portion size~3 WW+ points (my favorite flavor so far is cheddar).
3. Planning my hubby's birthday party~mustache theme~fun!! Check the blog later this week for the all the deets and pic's of the stache party!!
4.  I mentioned last week, I am back on the WW wagon!!  Getting back on track with my tracking!!
5.  A little snack from McDonald's (4 WW points+).  Yes I love food can't you tell, LOL!! refer to number 4 *wink*
6.  Saturday date with Mike at the usual place.
7.  My sunglasses broke last week, Ashley helped me pick out these~I sported this style back in the 80's!!  I think they scream Ferris Bueller!!!
8.  Kodi sporting a new bandana.  
(Edit:  I wanted to add to my last 'Kodi picture' post, about his eye (but forgot to add it).  When Josh found him 2 years ago as a puppy, one of his eyes was really cloudy, we took him to the vet, and found out he had Valley Fever. We do not know how long he had it for, but it had unfortunately gotten into his eye.  They told us that he probably could not see (only shadows) in that eye, and would eventually be completely blind in that eye as time went on.  He does have some clouding in his other eye; but has been taking and anti fungal for a year to fight off the valley fever (he will be tested in another month to see if it is completely out of his system~he is on round 2 of meds).  We hope that he will keep his vision (which we are not sure how good it is), in his left eye.  His ears are extra sensitive though, because he can be outside with the door closed and hear someone open the fridge, LOL!!!). 
9.  This is waiting on the counter defrosting a bit, as I type up my post, I am going to turn it into YONANAS  for Mike and I!

Enjoy Today!!

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