Monday, April 7, 2014

weekly iphone dump ~ April {week one}

From left to right:
1.  Just smiley Sophie.
2.  This Popcorn has been out of stock at Costco for weeks.  I heard that it was finally back in stock, so I ran to Costco after work to pick some up.  It was funny, on my way out of the store, 2 people asked me where I found it (cause they keep moving stuff around at Costco!).  In case you shop at my Costco (Elliot Rd), it is on aisle 322.
3.  As soon as I get home from work, this is what goes on.  I could live in yoga pants~for reals!!
4.  Mike and I ran to Home Depot on Saturday.  The self check out has a camera right above the register.  It is a little creepy!!, so what did we do?  Took a selfie!
5.  On the way home see #4, we picked up two of these!! McDonald's ice cream cone.  I LOVE them! and $2.17 for both of us.  
6.  While running errands on Saturday, we decided to sign the pups up for Banfield's wellness plan.  Since we spent a small fortune last month on Bella's valley fever, we figured this would probably save us money in the long run.
7.  Bathroom cleaning was on the to-do list this weekend. I can procrastinate with this chore (and grocery shopping) like nobody's business.  I finally finished-WOOT!
8.  Sunday is our bark park day, and look what I found on the community board.  I flipped it over and sure enough, it belonged to Kodi.  I think this was his very first tag.  
9.  Just some bark park fun.  Bella guards her ball, she is not a very good sharer. LOL!

Enjoy Today!


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