Monday, January 20, 2014

weekly photo dump ~ January {week 3}

From left to right:
1.  Bella loves the new fleece blanket I found at Fry's Marketplace on clearance for $6.  I don't blame her, it is SO soft.
2.  Every day when we leave for work, we fill the pups Kong's with some treats and peanut butter, They aren't spoiled at all!!
3.  ANOTHER pillow bit the dust at the Clark house!!  And they were doing so well too!!  This one was filled with down, and let me tell you, it was a PAIN to clean up!!  I will probably find feathers for months!  
4.  I have been on a little bit of an organizing feels so good to get stuff back in order after the holidays!!
5.  I have a crafty project sitting on my craft table, now just to tackle it!!
6.  Her is miss Bella taking a nap.  She is kind of a princess!!
7.  My new subscription that I found on Groupon for $6.  I love Cesar!!
8.  The temps have been great, so nice to open the windows, I love having fresh air in the house!!
9.  We took the pups to the bark park on Sunday, Sophie has been doing so much better socializing with the other dogs!!  (She used to be really scared and stay next to us the entire time). 

Enjoy Today!!